Dress the Part, Play the Part; Win £250 worth of Stella McCartney ‘Activewear’

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The Stella McCartney Activewear for Adidas range hit with a bang when it launched in January 2015. The much anticipated range saw sales for the retailers lucky enough to stock it sky rocket, and so this got me thinking about the act of putting on sportswear to exercise. More than just for comfort and practicality, what does wearing running tights and a carefully selected pair of trainers really mean?

Read on to find out, and to enter into a fantastic competition to win £250 worth of the Activewear range, which is selling out fast…

More than Just Sportswear…

A large part of exercise and working out is our mind set, and if we’re not in the right frame of mind we are likely to hold ourselves back. Part of getting into the mental zone to push yourself beyond your perceived limits is dressing for the part.

In life we play many roles, and we are automatically more comfortable in those roles when dressed appropriately. Changing clothing and putting something different on tells us we are switching roles, like dressing up for an interview or a date, and dressing down when we get in from work to relax on the sofa.

The same goes for exercise. When we put on our favourite running tights, our Nike trainers and our Adidas vest we know it’s time to work hard, and we are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead, leaving us better able to overcome them and smash our goals, moving forward and progressing.

The Stella McCartney for Adidas Activewear range…

The range that was launched in January was met with a lot of excitement, with gym goers and runners alike eager to get their hands on the latest kit. The collaboration between McCartney and Adidas was sure to be a recipe for success, and the launch of the range didn’t disappoint, being sold in Topshop, Adidas and by independent sports retailers.

The designs feature bold lines, bright colours, feminine patterns, cleverly places cut outs and luxe materials, all designed with exercise in mind.

Ranging from running tights and trainers, to swim wear, sports bras and hooded tops, the collection has everything the active woman needs to take her through her workouts, designed for high performance, comfort and of course style.

Here are some of the key pieces from the collection:


Stellasport Tank: £32


Stellasport Tights: £39

stella 4

Stellasport Tank Top: £28

The Competition…

So here’s the exciting part, Tony Pryce Sports have collaborated with myself to give you the opportunity to win £250 worth of the Stella McCartney Activewear range. A fantastic prize, the collection is selling out quickly as more and more are choosing Activewear as their sportswear of choice. All you need to do to enter is ‘like’ or ‘follow’ a few social media pages, and then email over your details to Tony Pryce Sports for a chance to win.

Here’s how:

1. ‘Like’ or ‘follow’ myself and Tony Pryce Sports on social media, don’t worry if you don’t have accounts on all social media platforms, one like is good enough for us:

Twitter: @TonyPryceSports @EilidhMacRae1






Next, sign up to the Tony Pryce Sports newsletter via the website, for great future offers and competitions: www.tonyprycesports.co.uk/

2. Share the link to this blog post on social media, either Facebook or Twitter.

3. As the final step, send an email to Tony Prcye Sports quoting ‘Eilidh MacRae Media Activewear Competition‘, to officially enter, with your name and contact details: info@tonyprycesports.co.uk

Take the opportunity to win this amazing prize and enter before the 28th of February.

Good luck and don’t forget to tweet me a photo of yourself in your new Stella McCartney Activewear if you win!

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