Why Dry Shampoo May Not be so Great After All…

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At Eilidh MacRae Media, for several of our team members, dry shampoo has always been the ultimate lifesaver.

When dry shampoo came into supermarkets, this was the ideal time saver for those who struggle to wake up in the morning. A quick spritz over the roots, and the result was fresh and bouncy hair that you’d never know was in between washes.

However, recent reports claim that dry shampoo may not actually be so great for your hair after all. We report…

Why we shouldn’t use dry shampoo..

On a daily basis, oil, dirt and pollution stick to our hair and need to be removed to help keep the hair follicles clear and able to breathe. This is usually the cause of our hair beginning to look dirty and greasy, which is every symptom for a deep cleanse in the shower.

Many of us turn to our dry shampoos as a lazy alternative. Dry shampoos do not remove the impurities in hair; in fact they just mask the dirt and absorb the oil, and actually add more grime and oil to our scalps.

What is can do to your hair..

Our hair needs oil and is one of our bodies most natural function that is essential for our hair’s health. So after applying dry shampoo to absorb our hairs natural oil, we may be causing a serious build up of product, which is blocking our hair follicles.

Over time this may lead to hair loss and preventing our hair from growing. It can also stop your hair from having that gorgeous natural shine that it once had, and over time hair becomes unhealthy and dry.

What we can do instead..

We know it can be hard to shift the habit of dry shampoo, and for some of us hair does become greasy a lot quicker than others. However, allowing a product to see on your hair for hours is not going to help your hair any further.

Hair needs to be cleansed of any build up of dirt and oil to maintain optimal balance. Water is the best replacement to do this to help remove dust and pollution in hair. Although dry shampoo is great for making dirty hair look clean, it doesn’t reflect the light like a well hydrated and moisturised hair would.

If you are adamant to keep using dry shampoo, then try using a natural, organic product, and try to not use it everyday. Make sure you comb the product through your hair to ensure the product is not just sitting in one place.

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