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nisrinasbiaIf you’re getting a bit stuck for inspiration on who to follow this month, then this list should help you out. Please let us know if you have any of your own suggestions in the comments below!


For absolutely beautiful photos and make up and selfie inspiration, follow @nisrinasbia. She has great style and manages to create an effortlessly cool urban style with her bomber jackets and jeans combos.


We did an interview with the lovely Amy a few weeks ago for our ‘Blog Love’ feature piece: https://emmedia.uk/blog-love-salt-and-chic/ Her Instagram is one to follow as she produces flawless photography that will brighten up anyone’s feed. With her bright auburn hair and a mixture of travel and pretty fashion photography, she’ll inspire your own Instagram photos for sure.


Australian Gabrielle Grace Epstein now has 1.4m Instagram followers, and it’s hardly surprising. Think flowing blonde beach hair, oceanside photography and incredible summer festival outfit inspiration. Her Coachella looks were enviable!


This freelance cocktail stylist and photographer has a beautiful Instagram account. If you’re like me and love entertaining and being the hostess, this is the perfect feed. She features bright photos of cocktails such as Blueberry Basil Lemon G&Ts, Watermelon Papaya Rum Smoothies, and other delicious fruit-infused options.


More makeup inspiration! Alicia Jiroux has created a stunning feed, with classic beauty looks and a selfie game prestigious enough to get Kim K running for the Hollywood hills. Would highly recommend if you’d like some beauty inspiration or just want to look at a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows.


Kylie Kenner eat your heart out – This dark haired beauty has developed a successful feed with 164k followers. Think outfit inspiration, clear & crisp photography and enviable travel pics. Definitely worth a follow.


Model Laurel Thoma has a beautiful feed, with shots from her latest modelling shoots and gorgeous snaps of her polaroids and film shots. This is a refreshing account as she brands herself by wearing very little makeup and going with a more natural beauty look. Her freckles are just to die for! Love love love.


Naomi and Max run this gorgeous account, and I love it because their range of different photos make it feel like a real blog. The photos are a collection taken by lots of different photographers so they will always give you new ideas of who to follow. Think travel, beauty and nature.


This account sort of speaks for itself. The colour palette is heavenly, with light pastel tones that make it a pleasure to scroll through. This account has just over 6k followers at the moment, but I can see this increasing a lot in 2016. Think minimalistic imagery with soft pink tones and even some inspiring architecture.


Based in Selfridges, London, The Braid Bar creates some of the best hair looks I’ve seen all year. Perfect for festivals and your own daily hair inspiration, this account is definitely one to follow. Take some of these snaps to your hairdresser and see if you can get some of the same looks at home! Or make an appointment with The Braid Bar in London. http://thebraidbar.co.uk/braidbar
These are just a few of the amazing accounts I’ve come across recently. If you have any other suggestions of who to follow in June, please leave a comment below. At Eilidh MacRae Media, we offer help with blogging and using Instagram, so if you’re looking to grow your following or need some tips on how to use Instagram effectively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We work with both brands and bloggers now! We have all of the services we offer listed online, meaning we are very transparent with our pricing. Take a look: https://emmedia.uk/product-category/bloggers/social-media-marketing-bloggers/

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