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Using Instagram Marketing to Build your Brand

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Whether you’re in fashion, beauty, health, fitness or any other lifestyle industry, the market for these kinds of brands on Instagram is huge. There is a huge following of users interested in these subjects, and it’s something your brand probably can’t afford not to tap into.

With millions of images being shared every single day, how can you stand out from the crowd, and ensure that your efforts of building your brand on Instagram pays off? We’ve collected together the best Instagram marketing guides available online, so that you can make sure the time you put in pays off…

1. The Beginners Guide

For those who are just starting out with Instagram, this guide takes you through everything from the word go, step by step. Including how to set up your account, how to post and use hashtags, how to focus on your customers and the best tactics to use to grow your Instagram community.

Check out the guide from Wishpond with 52 tips here:

2. The Strategic Approach

Of course when you’re putting time and effort into something like this you want to know it’s working, which is why we strongly advise measuring your success, so you are able too tweak and tailor your campaign as you go when you find out what’s working and what isn’t.

This guide talks you through everything you need to know about measuring your Instagram campaign:

3. Planning Ahead

Having a clear strategy to follow is also really important, otherwise you’re just shooting in the dark. Set clear goals and ways of achieving them before you get stated.

This guide from SocialTimes looks at different strategies you might want to think about using:

4. Brand Love

You may have noticed that we regularly publish ‘Brand Love’ posts, highlighting brands that are impressing us. We find these from all over, but often we stumble across them on Instagram, usually because they are doing such a good job on their marketing campaign.

Check out this guide to getting people to love your brand using Instagram:

When you get it right, you can really reap the rewards from a successful Instagram campaign. Give it a go, study these guides, and see how you get on.

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