social media marketing in 2016

Top Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2016

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Earlier this year, I got on my high horse about how important blogging is, and I still stand by the fact that blogging is possibly the best marketing tool you have to help grow your brand, but that doesn’t mean social media isn’t as this time, equally important.

My point was that social media trends come and go, but the blog stays. Right now, putting time and effort into your social media strategy is essential to grow a successful brand, and linking your social media together with your blog and your email marketing is a great way to really drive forward with your content marketing.

Social media marketing changes each and every year, so it’s important to stay on top of the trends and make sure your hard work pays off.

I’ve rounded up the best guides to social media marketing in 2016. Whether you’ve got a big budget for social media, or you’re doing it all yourself, these guides will help you get things just right in 2016:

Social Media Marketing Guides for 2016

1. Keeping on top of trends is key, this guide by Forbes will help you do just that:

2. Experts make predictions on the year, take these with a pinch of salt, and keep an eye on things to see if they actually materialise:

3. From Marketing Land is the 20 things you can’t ignore as a social media marketing professional in 2016, well worth taking note of:

4. Finally, this guide from Moz is great if you’re just starting out, taking you through everything you need to know from the beginning:

When it comes to lifestyle industries, the social media world is huge, with more and more consumers turning to blogs and social platforms to stay up to date with the industries and their favourite brands. With this in mind, can you really afford to not be on these platforms, and more importantly active and successful on these platforms?

Try reading up on these guides to ensure you’re on top of the social media game in 2016. Finding it difficult to keep on top of your social media activity? We offer social media marketing to lifestyle brands, with loads of options and price ranges. Get in touch to enquire today:

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