Top Four Monthly Beauty Boxes

Top Four Monthly Beauty Boxes

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By now, you’re bound to have seen them. The glossy monthly beauty boxes that brand themselves gorgeously and claim to include all you need to satisfy your retail cravings. I’d seen them plastered all over Facebook, and being partial to a cheeky splurge every now and again, I thought it could be the perfect thing to stop me splashing on expensive makeup products and have something else to look forward to in the post. I opted for Birchbox, but there are now a wide selection of boxes to choose from. Here are our top four monthly beauty boxes: 


Birchbox – £12.95 per month, 5 products.Birchbox

@Birchbox is a unique brand, based in New-York city. They allow you to subscribe to a £12.95 monthly order where you get five sample products to try. I expected these samples to be small or at least clearly ‘sample’ sized products, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only do you get incredible value, you also get gorgeous packaging that makes each box a pleasure to open. I think this is the perfect box for those who don’t want to spend as much as they would on a gym membership but enough that they can feel confident the products will be good quality.


Dollibox – £10 per month, plus p&p, 5 products.

This is another monthly beauty subscription box service where you can Dolliboxreceive 5 hair and beauty products delivered to your door for £10, plus post and packaging. In a similar way to Birchbox, these contain in-box cards with tips and tricks of how to use the products. If you like what you receive, you can then go online and buy the full size version! Follow them on Instagram: @Dollibox_Beauty for cute illustrations, gorgeous photography and links to tips and tricks on the Facebook page. Or to arrange your own subscription, check them out online: (Image coutesy of @whichbeautyboxuk)


Nourish Beauty Box – $34.95 per month – $31.95 for 6 months prepayment, 4 items.

nourish beauty box

In a refreshing twist to your ordinary beauty box, these are paraben-free, cruelty free monthly subscription boxes! It works very simply. First, choose either monthly, 3-month or 6-month prepayment plans. Each box contains 4 items: 3 full size bio-natural products and 1 limited edition canvas tote bag. Then at around the 25th of each month you’ll receive your toxin-free beauty products that claim to help you “achieve healthy, luminous skin”. I’m yet to try this one, but do comment and let us know if these boxes are as fabulous as they sound! Find them on Instagram: @nourishbeautybox for beautiful light and bright imagery, or go to their site to set up your monthly treat. They ship worldwide as well, which is a bonus! (Image coutesy of @whichbeautyboxuk)


Nailbox – £15 monthly, £14.50 per month for 3 month prepay, £14.00 per month 6 month prepay, £13.50 per month 12 month prepay, contains 5 nail products


For those who aren’t massive beauty fanatics but do love a manicure, Nailbox is the ideal discovery. You simply subscribe online:, then your box is dispatched on around the 21st of each month.  They have over 3k followers on Instagram: @nailboxuk so follow for some amazing nail inspiration. (Image courtesy of




Which Beauty Box – beauty box reviews

Now this one is slightly different (you may have noticed this is where a few of the images are from), Which Beauty Box is a UK beauty blogger who provides helpful reviews of the most popular beauty boxes available in the UK. Follow her on Instagram: @whichbeautyboxuk for great photos of her latest boxes with the products included, which she then shares details and reviews of on her blog: – She now has an impressive 8,000 followers, and with such clean fresh photography and helpful reviews, I can’t say I’m surprised!


I hope this post helps if you’re in the process of choosing a subscription box for you. However there are loads more online if you’re in any doubt or want to make a judgement for yourself. Please comment and let us know if you have any other suggestions of good boxes to try!


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