Instagram Marketing Tools

Top 5 Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools

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Throughout 2016 Instagram has become the front runner when it comes to social platforms for lifestyle brands. In 2017, Instagram is set to grow by 15.1%, compared to just 3.1% growth for the social network sector as a whole.

The photo-sharing platform is becoming an increasingly effective marketing tool for lifestyle brands. This month Instagram is introducing shoppable products, but only to a select few. Kate Spade and JackThreads and among those who are able to alpha test the new feature, which enables brands to promote products and allow users to shop through the app. The feature will increase the importance of Instagram marketing even further for brands, and so getting a head start in creating an account with a high number of relevant followers and engagement is key at this stage.

Instagram Marketing Tools

With this in mind, there are loads of great Instagram marketing tools available to help you create compelling Instagram campaigns, making the whole process that little bit easier…

1. Repost

Increase your user interaction with the Repost app, making it simple to repost content from users that you want to engage with. When you come across content you want to repost, simply tap the button and the app shares the content immediately for you.

Instagram Marketing Tools

2. Crowdfire

Grow your following in the most simple and strategic way using Crowdfire. This handy little app allows you to white list the most important accounts, enabling you to follow and track accounts that don’t follow you back, ensuring you build your following without unnecessarily following accounts that don’t add value. Crowdfire also reports on who your most engaged followers are, so that you can work to keep them engaged and utilise this to grow your following further.

With Crowdfire you can track your unfollowers, track those who don’t follow you and work to engage with them to encourage them to follow your account, as well as engage with your ‘fans’

3. Snapseed

Instagram Marketing Tools

Make photos taken on your iPhone look amazing in seconds with this photo editing app, to create images that look like they have been shot by a professional. High quality images are essential to the success of your Instagram marketing campaign, the quality of your posts is what matters most when it comes to connecting with potential buyers.

Snapseed allows you to take editing that one step further, so that when you do add your content to Instagram and apply filters, your post looks truly amazing.

4. Soldsie

For anyone who has been working on brand marketing through Instagram for some time now, you’ll be well aware that despite the app introducing business profiles recently, you still only get one clickable link on Instagram, so you’ll want to make the most out of it. With Soldsie you’re able to generate real-time reports on customer conversion and clicks from the link in your bio, so that you can better understand how well your campaigns are working.

5. Iconosquare

Make Instagram analytics simple with Iconosquare. Measure, understand and improve every aspect of your Instagram activity with the easy to digest reports generated by Iconosquare. In addition to reporting, Iconosquare also has management features, including scheduling options, conversion tracking and monitoring and tools to increase engagement too. Iconosquare is a pretty good all-rounder.

Combined or used alone, each of these apps can go a long a way towards supercharging your Instagram marketing efforts, and as Instagram becomes more and more powerful as a marketing tool, creating an amazing Instagram campaign becomes every more essential!

Are there any Instagram tools or tips that you swear by? Comment and let me know.

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