Top 5 Homeware Boutiques

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In my job as Digital Marketing Intern at Eilidh MacRae Media, I’m always on the look out for new businesses and brands working in any of our specialisms. (These include health, fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.) This is so I can share content that will interest our followers and also look out for new business opportunities for us to work on.

Interior design is one of my main interests, so I’m always so excited when I find amazing smaller homeware boutiques to take inspiration from. A lot of the brands I find are on Twitter, because I’m constantly sharing our blog posts and finding new bloggers to reach out to.

I’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best homeware brands that I’ve discovered recently through Twitter. If you have any other suggestions or want us to know about your brand, please leave a comment below!


the treasured

The Treasured UK


Twitter: @TheTreasuredUK

Facebook: The Treasured

Instagram: @thetreasured
here, you are adored




This print from The Treasured is one of my favourite pieces on the site! It’s only £14, which is great value in comparison to a lot of other online boutiques. There are loads more similar to this, so have a look!





Sass & Bellesass and belle


Twitter: @sassandbelle

Facebook: sassandbelle

Instagram: @sassandbelle





I love this copper set! The serving tray is £15 and the other pieces are around £7.50, so you can collect it all!










India May Homeindia 1


Twitter: @indiamayhome

Facebook: Indiamayhome

Instagram: @indiamayhome 







This cushion is £45 and I love the pom pom detailing around the edge. Would look amazing against a light grey sofa or among a mound of crisp white bedding.







Homebird Boutiquehomebird


Twitter: @homebirdbtq

Facebook: homebirdbtq

Instagram:  @homebirdbtq

candle holder




This candle holder is a subtle way to introduce the copper trend into a room. It’s delicate and pretty and also it’s only £5!







Saint Boutiquesaint


Twitter: @saint_boutique

Facebook: wearesaintboutique

Instagram: @wearesaintboutique

clear star





I love this hanging glass star lantern, and for only £12 it’s such great value!






Do you have any other homeware boutiques that you’d like to share? Please write them in the comments below!

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