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Top 10 Ways to Boost your Instagram Presence Now

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Instagram has become a key social media marketing tool in 2018. Dare I say it, Instagram is a more effective tool when it comes to growing your brand online than Facebook or Twitter. With more than 600 million active monthly users, 400 million active daily users and 4.2 billion post likes per day, it’s clear to see that Instagram is now a leading platform, if not THE leading platform, making it well worth putting the legwork in to boost your Instagram presence. 

In 2017, 50% of major brands used Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategy. This number is expected to rise to 71% in 2018. All this is pretty impressive. Here’s why using Instagram for businesses, brands and blogs is especially important:

– Instagram’s engagement with brands is 10 times higher than Facebook

– Instagram’s engagement with brands is 54 times higher than Pinterest

– Finally, Instagram’s engagement with brands is 84 times higher than with Twitter

These stats alone are a good enough reason to put more importance on your Instagram marketing than other platforms. You can find out more amazing stats on Instagram via this infographic from Social Media Today.

1. Create a consistent style

Instagram Brand Aesthetic

The most successful Instagram accounts use a consistent style, curating content that fits their brand aesthetic to create an instantly recognisable look and feel. In doing this your brand appears to be more authentic and styled. Turning those casual visitors into devoted and engaged followers that love your brand style and what you do. In creating a consistent style, you can build brand recognition as well as creating a niche for your Instagram account. All of which leads to boosting your Instagram presence. 

Appearance is everything on Instagram, so develop a brand aesthetic and stick to it. Try using tools like VSCO and Mextures to create your own unique look. If you’re yet to create your Instagram style, try using a visual planer such as ‘Later’s’, which allows you to drag and drop images to try out different looks.

2. Encourage and involve your audience

Instagram algorithms measure engagement in order to determine how much exposure your posts get and how high you show up in your followers feeds. Boost your post engagement and your Instagram presence by involving your audience in your posts as much as you can. Ask questions through your captions. Reply to every comment that’s published on your posts. The more comments you receive, the more engagement, the more Instagram will boost your post.

Get your posts seen my a wider audience too. In addition to using hashtags to help boost your post, tag relevant accounts to boost your post further. Don’t tag at random though – nobody likes users trying to hack into their audience without a valid reason. Instead, tag any products that appear in your image. Or if you curate your content from other accounts, tag the original source of the image.

3. Add a personal touch

Boost Instagram Presence

Studies have shown that images including people receive 38% more likes. As curious beings, consumers like to get to know the face behind the brand too. Rather than just posting product shots, flatlays and ‘hands in frame’ shots, consider publishing posts that include yourself and your team to grow your Instagram presence. 

Ensure these posts fit your curated style though. Hire a photographer to take professional ‘behind the scene’ style shots and weave these images into your weekly posts to add another dimension to your feed.

4. Use hashtags and location tags

Instagram Location Tags

Reports show that images that use hashtags, as well as location tags, receive a higher engagement rate. Posts that use location tags are shown to receive 79% more engagement than those without location tags.

You can now publish up to 30 hashtags per post, as well as tagging accounts and your location too. Consider using all of these options available to make the most out of each post that you publish. Avoid adding random location tags. Instead tag your own location, your office, the coffee shop you are in, or where you took the image in the first place. If you curate your images from other accounts, tag their location instead. The more locations you can use, the bigger reach your posts will get.

5. Post long-form captions

Instagram algorithms were updated for 2018 to put more of a focus on engagement rates. This includes how long a user stays on your post, as well as how many likes and comments that the post gets.

Encourage people to stay on your post for as long as possible, by writing long-form captions. This might not be possible for every post, but aim for 100 words and above when you can. The longer Instagram sees people spending on your post, the more it will think it’s a popular post that should be seen by other users. Thus boosting it to the top of your followers feed.

6. Publish posts at optimum times for higher exposure

Best time to post on Instagram

Use the Instagram analytics to gain a better understanding of when you should publish your content for maximum reach. You can look at which days are most popular for your followers, as well as which times each day is best to post. In publishing content at optimum times you will increase your post engagement, which will generate more likes, more comments and in turn more followers.

7. Keep up to date with Instagram algorithms

The Instagram algorithms are changing all the time as Instagram works to make the platform work better for the user. In order to keep on top of your Instagram game and boost your Instagram presence, keeping up to date with the latest algorithm changes is key.

2018 saw Instagram put a lot more importance on engagement. This includes the number of comments, likes, video views, post shares and saves a post gets. A post that receives lots of comments and likes signals to the Instagram algorithm that the post is of high quality. This means that more people will want to see it, and engagement will keep increasing.

Instagram announced that the changes were to ‘improve user experience, prioritizing moments we care about the most’. The latest update means that the order of photos and videos in your feed is now based on the likelihood that you’ll be interested in the content.

This meant that in 2018 those using Instagram for marketing would need to increase engagement levels. Interacting with the accounts that matter most as much as possible is suddenly much more important. Of course things can change, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest algorithms to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Find out more about the latest Instagram algorithm updates here.

8. Increase engagement with Instagram stories

Boost your Instagram Presence

33% of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses. Which makes stories an amazing marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. Stories are expected to dominate in 2018 – with over 300 million daily active users, Instagram stories already have double the daily users of Snapchat.

Using stories can help you develop a deeper connection with your customers – show behind the scenes content, boost the number of eyes on your posts and run competitions and promos. Stories add another layer when it comes to interacting with and engaging your audience and shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you’re not publishing stories already try posting one a day for a week and see what a difference it makes. Use tools like Abode Spark and Canva to create on-brand Instagram stories, and use all of the tools available to you within the app.

9. Use highly relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a brilliant way to increase your reach, find new followers and increase engagement. While of course you want to publish relevant hashtags anyway to find users that are actually interested in your content, there’s another reason why you should use highly relevant hashtags only.

Instagram recently introduced a new feature, which enables users to follow hashtags. This means that your posts will show in the feed of the users that have followed a hashtag that you have used. This is great as it means lots of highly relevant users will find your content more easily. But Instagram have also added the option for users to mark a post on a hashtag that they follow as not relevant or not interesting. On the occasion that this might happen, this then communicates to Instagram that your content is less valuable or possibly even spam. Make sure that the hashtags you post are highly relatable to your content to avoid this.

10. Use Instagram analytics to curate your content

Just a few short years ago Instagram analytics didn’t even exist. Today the feature allows brands and businesses to analyse data. This includes the best times to post and the most successful posts. Use this data to curate your content. Look at the elements of your most popular posts and replicate these elements across all of your content to create posts that users are demanding. Use analytics to test things out too. In the early stages play around and see what works best and what doesn’t work. Try to avoid straying away from your Instagram aesthetic though, although if you’re yet to create an aesthetic you could test a few options out and see what’s best received through analytics.

Instagram is an amazing tool for brands, bloggers and businesses when used properly. Follow these tips above to boost your Instagram presence in 2018 and see what a difference it makes to your traffic. An engaged audience is key to digital marketing for any brand, and Instagram provides a better platform than any other to build an engaged and converting audience.

If you want to up your Instagram marketing game in 2018 but don’t have the time or the resources, let me boost your Instagram presence for you. I can create, curate and publish beautiful on-brand content, designed to boost engagement levels to maximize exposure and grow your audience. Want to find out more? View my Social Media Content package now, or get in touch:

What are your Instagram tips or have you seen particularly good results from any of the above? Comment and share your ideas and experiences.

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