Inspirational Fitness Instagram Accounts

Top 10 Inspirational Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow

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The rise of social media and workout blogs means the guess work has been taken out of getting fit. Many fitness fanatics are now taking to social media to showcase their latest workout routine. Fun, easy and quick, Instagram has become the latest craze to sweep the fitness world.

I’ve have gathered together 10 of our favourite fitness Instagram accounts to follow. With summer just around the corner, lets get our summer bodies ready…


1. Kayla Itsines

Get those bikini bodies ready, Kayla Itsines has taken social media by storm. Introducing her #BBG guide (Bikini Body Guide), Kayla helps to introduce new and easy healthy meals, alongside a 12 week programme of fitness routines. Perfect to do at home, or in your gym, the results for Kayla’s programme have been incredible.

Great for those looking to tone up, head over to @kayla_itsines now!

2. Fitness On Toast

Adding workouts, along with delicious meal inspiration and lifestyle tips, Fitness On Toast is a great account to follow to help boost motivation. As a Swedish blog writer, Fitness On Toast can also help with stylish fitness fashion advice to make working out that little bit more fun.

Check out @fitnessontoast now!

3. Little Bantam

For the yoga enthusiast, Little Bantam is perfect for those looking to build strength and feel more energetic. With regular posts on yoga workouts, stretches and poses, you will be a yoga professional in no time.

Check her out @littlebantamsurftrainer

4. Nicole Winhoffer

Training the likes of Beyonce and Madonna, Nicole uses a blend of art science music and sports to calm the mind and transform the body. Well, looking at Beyonce’s body she certainly has my vote.

Check her out @nicolewinhoffer

5. Sleek Technique

For the ballet and dance lovers, Filk and Victoria are great. Blending ballet and fitness, Sleek Technique have evolved the world of fitness. Combining ballet, cardio and aerobics, these workouts are great for doing at home.

Head over to their account @sleektechnique

6. Jeanette Jenkins

As a celebrity trainer, Jeanette has trained the likes of Kelly Rowland and Pink. Her Instagram is full of the latest workouts and delicious meals ideas that can help you get one step closer to your bikini body.

Check her out @MsJeanetteJenkins

7. Natalie Uhling

As the creator or NUFit, Natalie combines kick boxing, dancing and full body toning all in one workout. Check out her Instagram @natalieuhling it is full of busting workouts, motivating you to activate workout mode!

8. Mary Helen Bowers

A former New York City ballet dancer, Mary helped to train Natalie Portman for her role in The Black Swan. Helping to keep you toned and improve posture, this account is great for those who prefer leaner and softer workouts.

Head over to her Instagram account @balletbeautiful

9. Robin Arzon

Once a corporate lawyer, now a fitness guru, Robin Arzon is also the co-founder of running group ‘Undo-ordinary’. Posting regular motivating tips and pictures, Robin’s abs will be enough to get you moving from the couch.

Check her out @robinnyc

10. Marie Purvis

As a Nike NTC global and master trainer, Marie posts various inspiring and motivating pictures to help keep us moving. Great for those looking for a killer workout that they can really feel working.

Check her out @mariepurvis.

So there you have, 10 great accounts for you to check out. No more excuses, follow a few of these accounts to help mix up your workouts and reap the benefits of each trainer!

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