Top 10 Fashion News Websites

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The fashion industry has always been fast paced and constantly changing. The latest trends and styles are always adapting, with new prints, colours and cuts suited for every season being introduced constantly throughout the year.

Fashion sites are a great source to find and follow the latest coverage and trends straight from the catwalk…

1. Style was originally an online fashion magazine for Vogue and W magazine before they began their own online fashion news. now cover all the latest trends straight from the catwalk, keeping you constantly updated. They also cover all red carpet events as well as fashion news, street style snaps and trend reports.

instyle2. InStyle is one of leading fashion news websites keeping you up to date with celebrity style. Giving you the latest fashion trends and reports straight from the runway, is a great source for all your fashion needs.

3. Glamour

Glamour magazines help to give you all the latest fashion and trend tips for new outfit ideas. As one of the biggest-selling women’s lifestyle magazine in the UK, Glamour gives you one of the best daily fashion news.

4. Elle

Bring to you the most current fashion news and celebrity styles. As the world’s best selling fashion magazine, we can be sure to rely on their style tips and opinions as well as what is on trend.

5. Vogue

Helping to style you in the most current fashion trends, Vogue provides all the latest seasonal collection as well as the industry news and celebrity styles. Bringing you daily and weekly updates, Vogue is a great source to keep up to date in the world of fashion.


6. The Business of Fashion

Helping to keep you updated with all the best fashion news, The Business of Fashion brings you the latest news from all the top fashion websites.

harpers7. Harper’s Bazaar

All your essential news for high end fashion. With daily fashion reports and all the latest coverage, Harper’s Bazaars online website is just as good as their print magazine.

8. Marie Claire

Inspiring women with the most up to date fashion tips and news. Bringing to you all the latest breaking fashion news and celebrity looks.

9. Fashionista

Discussing all the top brands and best fashion styles, Fashionista is a great trusted source for all of your fashion needs.

10. The Cut

Providing daily fashion coverage of all the runway trends as well as the latest celebrity styles. The Cut explores the fashion industry with all the high end brands and designer gossip.

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