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The Rise of Male Skincare Products

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Trying to converse with your partner about the latest miracle anti-ageing cream is often similar to speaking to a brick wall. A foreign language to most men, a daily skincare routine is non-existent in their everyday schedule.

However, for some men, the odd pamper night in, filled with facials and cuticle care is sometimes necessary for the beady eyed girlfriend, ready and waiting to remove any dead skin or pimple. Happy with the results, men are increasingly turning to beauty products originally made for women to create the same look everyday.

Whether that is secretly buying their own, sending a female relative or partner into the beauty stores with a product list, or worst of all stealing, the crossover in unisex products has seen an influx in sales and a change to male beauty habits.

Can Men Use Female Beauty Products?

Although some male beauty products differ in terms of what results they provide, the similarities between male and female skincare are very similar. Although research has shown that male skin can be more sensitive in comparision to female skin, this is due to excessive shaving.

In order for beauty products to be different, it is dependant on the skin type. For those with sensitive skin, certain ingredients can not be used to help prevent any irritation on skin, similar to heavy creams can enhance oily skin.


Are Male and Female Products The Same?

Male skincare products take only 5% of the beauty market. The cross-over of brands allows certain skincare lines to provide a collection for men and women, but usually provide the same results. Skincare needs to target a specific skin-type and the results may differ for every person. Many choose to increase their skincare regime to help prevent premature ageing or soften harsh lines and wrinkles. For others, a nourishing facial wash can help hydrate skin, easing irritation and removing blemishes on skin.

However, it is usually the scent of the beauty products that help to define the target market. Unfortunately a soft and supple scent of lavender and pomegranate is not on the top of the agenda when men are searching for skincare products. A much more masculine scent is preferred and nothing that is going to provide any additional coverage or make-up on skin

What Skincare Is Best For Men To Use?

Trying adding a renewal oil to your daily regime as this can help soothe and calm the skin after shaving. Using a rich and nourishing night-cream in the evening and a much softer, lighter cream with little scent during the day. Ensure you are washing your face every morning and night to help remove any dirt or pollutants on the skin. When deciding on a facial wash, ensure you have determined your skin-type for best results.

So ladies next time your partner decides to steal a bit of your favourite cream, introduce him into his own beauty regime that he can enjoy!

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