The Health Foods That Aren’t so Healthy After All…

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By Chloe Crockford

Upon embarking a new diet or making healthy changes we feel positive and ready to welcome a new healthier lifestyle. We plan our first shopping trip, skimming the isles for labels saying ‘reduced fat’ or ‘less salt’ or ‘less sugar’.

But do you know that often the foods we think are helping us loose weight could actually be causing the opposite affect?

The Mail Online recently reported that healthy foods such as sushi, soup and smoothies could contain more sugar and hidden calories than we would think, making those pounds a little harder to drop.

Although we should watch what we are eating, we shouldn’t obsess with calorie counting. Some foods that we may be eating may contain a higher calories count, but less saturated fat and sugar.

Often these foods can cause a mid morning slump, causing us to feel a lot more sluggish then how we would feel were we eating a well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

They could even trigger further sugar cravings, encouraging us to rush to turn to those unhealthy snacks when we get home after a long day.

Even sushi, an assumed healthy treat can contain high carbohydrates and sugars, as well as ‘healthy’ yoghurts being full of sugar.

The trick is to be better aware of what exactly you are eating and read all the labels to find out precisely what you could be eating.

A fruit filled smoothie is exactly what we can all deem to be a healthy optimal breakfast. However, a fruit smoothie can be extremely high in sugar, sending your blood sugar levels into overdrive.

Instead opt for a freshly made vegetable smoothie. You can still add fruit and yoghurt, but be careful of how much may be going in. You should aim for around 80% of the smoothie to be vegetables, helping to cut out any further sugar cravings you may have later on in the day.

To help feel fuller for longer there are plenty of nutritional and healthy natural foods that cut out all the added sugar and preservatives.

Eating more foods like eggs, avocados and apples can help reduce hunger as well keeping you fuller for longer, preventing you grabbing those sugary snacks later on.

Drinking green tea is also a natural and healthy way to help encourage weight loss as well as rehydrate. Green tea also has some fantastic health benefits as well as helping with your diet and lifestyle.

It’s important to be aware of what you are consuming, being more careful when choosing the foods and ingredients to help us with our weight loss and healthier lifestyle.

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