The Future Dreams Nail Breast Cancer Campaign

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Earlier this month I heard about the Nail Breast Cancer Campaign which is running through Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The campaign aims to join forces with the beauty industry in October 2014 to raise money and awareness to help ‘nail’ breast cancer. Set up by charity ‘Future Dreams,’ as soon as I heard about the campaign I knew I had to include it in my ‘Last Word’ column in Vitality Magazine.

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Future Dreams works to raise money for two of the leading breast cancer charities: Break Through Breast Cancer and The Haven. Through their latest campaign they will aim to raise money to donate to these two charities who both work to raise awareness, help those suffering and put money into cancer research.

The campaign will encourage salons across the UK to support the cause between the 1st and 8th of October, offering clients manicures and asking them to pay an additional £1 to donate to Future Dreams.

As of late nail art has sky rocketed, with the last two years seeing a boom in the industry. Future dreams have cleverly picked up on this trend, uniting an entire professional industry to create a fool proof campaign that will raise awareness if nothing else. Nail art is an extremely creative craft and is widely shared across social media. Due to this the campaign should well and truly take off across social media platforms, with people sharing images of their Nail Breast Cancer manicures.

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You don’t have to be a nail art fan to get involved though, the public are encouraged to also make a donation online and support the cause with out having to support pink manicured nails!

For more information about the campaign visit:

For more information about Future Dreams visit:

To make a donation visit:


The campaign will be running from October 1st– October 8th. Get involved and book in a manicure at a salon supporting the cause!




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