The Essential Guide to Autumn Skin Care

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It’s that time of year again, when the woolly hats and scarfs come out from the back of the cupboard, and we start the hunt for our winter coats.

Although we know to cover up our skin during the winter months, but often forget what the cold weather could be doing to our skin.

You may have already started to notice changes in your skin, whether it might be dry or slightly red, but with these helpful tips you can have your skin protected and in tip top condition once again in no time.



What should be putting on our skin?

The best and most recommended way to protect your skin is by investing in a good, organics natural cream. It is essential that the face cream allows your skin to breathe and prevent your pores from becoming blocked, whilst still adding vital protection on skins exposed layer.


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Ensure when showering or bathing that you are using shower cream or a cream wash, but is much more moisturising on the skin. Again using an organic body lotion or shea butter on your skin will help to moisturise and protect skin against harsh weather.

Also make sure you wrap up your skin with plenty of layers when the weather begins to plummet.

What should you change in your everyday routine?

During the colder months, air has low moisture content, which causes cause to dry out quicker. When choosing products to plan on your skin, look out for natural cream-based products, which will not strip the skins natural oils.

Also try to find emollient moistiriser’s that will help to soothe skin, as well as maintain moisture. Especially those who suffer from sensitive skin, rosacea and other skin conditions, it is key to keep skin protected and hydrated.


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Using a facial serum twice a day can also help give your skin an added boost of hydration and nourishment. Finding a vitamin-rich serum will help keep skin soft and protected.

Finding products free from synthetic ingredients is essential, as these often are the cause for skins dryness. Our face is always exposed to the cold air when we are outside, so make sure you are taking good care when it comes to your daily regime.

Keeping hydrated during water is also vital, both to your health and for the condition of your skin. Drinking plenty of water everyday will help keep skin plump, hydrated and moisturised, and help prevent any signs of chapping or dryness.

Be prepared for this winter, and have a look through your beauty products to see if anything you may be using is either drying out your skin already, or will be no use during the winter. Make sure you keep warm, and wrap up from head to toe to protect skin and drink plenty of water!

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