Summer Fashion: Beat British Weather

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Summer Fashion: Beat British Weather

If you live in Britain, the weather is likely to be a frequent topic of conversation in your life, as it is in mine. It’s not even completely bizarre to witness multiple dramatic weather changes in one day. However much this might make creating small talk with strangers a complete breeze (excuse the pun), this can be a nightmare for your wardrobe. Those well prepared clothing staple pieces are often no match for the ever changing British weather. topshop macThat’s where this article comes in. I’ve scoured the web far and wide for affordable, practical items that can save you from it all. Come rain or shine…

 1. A trusty summer rain mac

Even if you think you can trust the sun that is shining above your head, chances are, in Britain, you probably can’t. Sorry. This mac is a great option, because it’s clear so it need not ruin any outfit by covering up your favourite pieces.

2. A sturdy umbrella

We’ve all been that person who stupidly buys an umbrella from Poundland and hopes for the best, later to be caught in a thunderstorm with nothing but a metal stick left to protect us from the elements. By investing a little bit more, you could save yourself from an embarrassing predicament…


3. Wellies suitable for any festival

These Hunter wellies are perfect for festivals as they’re good quality, so you know you’ll be safe from the mud and rain you’re bound to encounter. They are also so stylish, you’ll be sure to have the compliments pouring in, just like the rain.


4. Hat for in the sunshine

A black floppy hat might not be your initial choice this summer, but think again. Black is classy, goes with everything and you’re bound to get loads of use out of it. This one from Accessorize is perfect, and it’s only £15 so won’t break the bank.

5. Emergency sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is great for three reasons. Firstly, it’s cropped, so it can be flattering worn with high waisted jeans or shorts. Secondly, it comes in five colours; red, black, white grey and navy, meaning that you can pair it with pretty much anything. Thirdly, it’s only £34 and American Apparel is incredible quality. I think I might have to get a few of these myself… 5336_navy

6. Oversized bag to keep all of these useful things in

It’s no good spending all this time getting prepared for the unpredictable British weather if you have nothing to carry it all in! Invest in a bag like this and you won’t have to worry all summer.bag

If you have any more ideas of wardrobe staples to help beat British weather, please comment below!


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