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Our guest post this week is by Alys George on liquid lipsticks and which she’d recommend. Alys runs her own beauty blog over at  so make sure to check her out for most posts like this.

Liquid Lipsticks are one of the biggest on trend must haves appearing all over the beauty world right now. If you haven’t caught onto this already, don’t worry because it’s not too late. There is so much controversy around which brands are the best, which one’s should you be using and do you need to invest in high end products for good results? Well, today I’m going to help give you some answers…

Over three months ago I set out on a challenge to compare all the most talked about Liquid Lipsticks on the market. Slowly but surely they all arrived at my door ready to be put to the test. Each day since then I have been going about my daily tasks whilst testing each and every one. I would wear them for the same periods of time and ensured all were tested fairly.

5 things I always look for in a Liquid Lipstick:

  1. Value for money
  2. Are they long lasting?
  3. Does it stay moisturised and not crumble on your lips after wearing for a few hours
  4. The formula and how they feel, is it comfortable to wear?
  5. Do they stain your lips, how easy is it to remove?

Overall I chose 10 of the most talked about Liquid Lipsticks on the market, ranging from Kat Von D’s to Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star to Kylie Cosmetics. Some shocked me, others were pleasant surprises.

I found a lot of these talked about brands worked well, but each had something which put me off saying, this is my favourite, this is the one we have all been searching for.

I continuously had one bringing out too much dryness on my lips, or the other crumbling. Another would come off too much when eating and drinking, and some purchases even put me off by receiving half empty lipsticks!

I felt like I was never going to find a lipstick that would just work how they all claimed they were meant to.

This is where I make your life all that bit easier for you now. Gone are the days of watching release dates to maybe catch a product, with overly priced international shipping costs. Stila Cosmetics out did the lot of them and I could not be more pleased with this outcome.

They retail at £14.00 in the UK. They are available from your local Debenhams and Boots and also ship internationally for those of you that live a bit further out.

The formula is a thin liquid which is easy to apply, which then dries to a thicker even layer. You don’t need to apply a lip liner on first because the applicator does such a brilliant job itself. It also doesn’t dry in seconds so you have time to touch up any mistakes you may have made.

I am yet to find any difference between the lighter and darker shades with these formulas, as I know a lot of other brands it can really vary depending on colour. For this brand that is not the case!

stila 3

Two colours I would recommend most would have to be the Stila Stay All Day in Patina and Amore.

Patina is a dusty rose pink, which is very on trend right now and a personal favourite for a day today look. Amore is a very deep pink brown toned colour. This is for those of you out there who like to go that bit bolder on the lips and really make a statement. It is a very dark colour when on, but with light tones across the rest of your face, this creates a beautiful contrast.

So here it is, 5 reasons you need these Liquid Lipsticks in your life right now:

  1. They really are long lasting just like it says
  2. They don’t create unwanted cracks all over your lips
  3. The formula smells absolutely divine
  4. It’s comfortable to wear over long periods of time
  5. You get a large amount of product for such a good price

stila 2

For more information on these products visit their website at;

Find Alys George on social: 

Instagram: @alysgeorginageorge 

Twitter: @AlysGeorge

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