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Keeping your audience engaged using social media is key to building loyal customers and clients. The way in which you do this is by creating killer content, but coming up with unique, high quality and engaging content every day can be a challenge. This is where I come in. My Social Media Content package provides everything you need to build a successful presence on social and grow your audience.

I can be your personal social media content creator, and I take the time to get to know your brand and your audience, in order to create content that’s going to work hard for your business. With my content creation package, you can be sure that your social media posts are taken care of. With daily posts created and published on your accounts, my social media posts are designed to increase followers, drive traffic and build brand awareness.

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When it comes to creating a successful social media presence content is key. It’s not just about what you post though, it’s when you post too. I can become your personal social media content creator, taking over your feed to create beautiful on-brand content that’s published at peek times. Choose from content only and receive everything you need to build social profiles that represent your brand perfectly and grow your audience, or select scheduling too and allow me to take care of everything for you.

I can create social media posts for various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Simply choose your number of platforms and how many posts you require per day – I can provide anything from one post up to three social media posts per day.

Each post I create has been specifically designed to create a response – whether that’s a social share, a follow, a comment or a click through to your website – the key to success on social media is to create engagement. In addition, my content is vibrant and visual in order to create maximum impact, while being on-brand and stylish.

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Creating and scheduling social media posts can be a time consuming task. And unless you’ve got a dedicated in-house social media coordinator, this task is often one of the first to slip when things get busy. When it comes to building an engaged audience on social, consistency is key. This is why I offer a 20% discount when you sign up for three months or more, to help you work towards consistency and success with social media posts published daily.

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The content you publish is the bread and butter of your social media presence. Post nothing and you’ve got…well, nothing. But equally if you post substandard content you haven’t got a lot either. In creating high quality and on-brand social media posts, I can get your social presence growing and working harder for you.

Publishing engaging content is best way to grow your followers online. In publishing content on a daily basis, you will start to see your followers grow, your website traffic increase, and in turn your sales and enquiries will increases too.

Consistency is key – you might have noticed before that when you stop posting on social media, your followers start to drop off, as does your website content. In using my social media content package, your social media posts are taken care of. Daily content means new followers daily, more website traffic, increased brand awareness, increased engagement and increased sales.

Sounds pretty good right?

I can become your social media content creator, creating and publish posts for you every day, to get your social presence working hard for you.

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