Blog Content

Regularly blogging for your business is key to cracking digital marketing. If you’re not blogging, you’re missing a trick. Regularly updating your on-site blog can have a fantastic impact on your website, increasing your domain authority, pushing up your search engine rankings, increasing your traffic, and in-turn, increasing your sales.

I can help you maximise your websites potential, with cleverly crafted blog content. For each and every business I blog for, I carry out keyword research and content trend research, to get your posts in front of the right audience and fast. My blog post packages offer a cost effective way to update your blog on a weekly basis, and I have a variety of packages and prices to choose from.

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Blog Management

Put your personal or on-site business blog in the hands of an award-winning content creator and digital marketing expert. With my blog management package you can ensure your website is working as hard as it can, to bring in new leads, new customers and more revenue. I can help you build up your blog content so that Google gets a really clear picture of what you do, and rewards you for all the fantastic and high quality content that you are publishing by pushing your website to the top of the search results.

I take care of everything, from keyword and content trend research, to writing, optimising, sourcing images and publishing your blog posts. My packages deliver in-demand, high quality and compelling content, written and optimised for search, but also designed for the end user too, high quality images, and if you choose to add them, social media promo posts and email newsletters too. In placing your blog in my hands, you will quickly start to see the positive impact that a well managed blog can have on your website traffic and SEO.

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Social Media Content

What you post on social media is the bread and butter of your social profiles – without great content, you have very little at all. Coming up with creative content that will keep your audience engaged and drive traffic/sales is key to building a loyal and active audience, but this can be time consuming and can slip.

With my social media content packages, I provide daily posts that are designed to engage your customer. Whether that’s to drive a sale, encourage a new follower, a social share, a mention or just a link click, I create on-brand visual content that sparks a response. My packages allow you to choose the right option for your brand or blog – select from a number of platforms, a number of daily posts, and choose whether you would like to have content only, or scheduling too. My social media content packages allow you to choose what’s right for your business, and most importantly will create a strong social presence for your brand.

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