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Review: Protein Bars

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We are all aware of the recent hype surrounding protein. A method typically used by body builders, protein is key to our daily diet. Important to each and every one of us, protein can be especially helpful to those looking to gain muscle mass and reduce body fat, and is ideal to consume post workout, to supply the muscles with the nutrients they need to begin the recovery and repair process.

Way way back, I wrote a post titled ‘Packing a punch with protein: How much is too much?‘ , which looked into whether eating a lot of protein might be a bad idea, and how much you should aim to consume on a daily basis.

I’m well aware of the benefits of protein, so I’ve given a few of the protein bars out there a go, but with so many to choose from, how do you know which are best? I report on my findings…


Quest bars are probably the most well know protein bar brand. American based Quest make a huge variety of bars in some amazing flavours. Things like Cookies ‘n Cream, S’mores and Apple Pie are on the menu, and each bar has around 21g of protein.

Some of the ingredients used in Quest bars are artificial, and to create that sweet taste without adding a lot of sugar means sweeteners.

Browse the range at:


TREK is kind of wonderful, because it takes an all natural approach to packing in my protein. A lot of protein bars out there are full of chemicals and what not, so if you’re aiming for a clean approach, TREK is the one to opt for. The are: dairy and wheat free, gluten free, suitable for veggies and vegans and contain no added sugar.

My favourite is the Peanut Power bar. With 10.2g of protein, they’re not the highest in protein, but it’s nice to know the source is natural.

These contain a fairly high amount of sugar, but none of it is added as it’s all from fruit.

Visit: to see the full range.

My Protein

Possibly the most popular place to purchase protein and fitness products in the UK, My Protein of course offer a range of protein bars.

One of the bars I love from My Protein is their Oats & Whey bar, with 22g of protein. There are a few flavours, but peanuts win again with me, with my favourite being the chocolate peanut bar. Not quite as clean as TREK bars, but less artificial tasting than Quest, so a nice middle ground.

Shop the range here:

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