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Review: Bikram Yoga

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Contemplating taking part in your first Bikram Yoga class can be a scary prospect. Well known because of the tradition to carry it out in 40 degrees heat, the idea of Bikram yoga is most likely to put a lot of people off before they’ve even given it a go.

Questions/fears that probably go through your mind might include: What if I sweat too much? What if nobody else is sweating? What if I feel so unbearably dehydrated I might actually die…? Bikram Yoga isn’t for the faint hearted, but is well worth giving a go, so we’ve answered some of your questions to make the idea seem every so slightly less daunting…

1. Will I sweat a lot, and can I sweat too much?

Bikram Yoga is designed to encourage you to sweat, so it’s unlikely anyone will be there all dry and comfortable. If you’re not sweating when doing Bikram Yoga, you’re doing something wrong.

Because you are sweating a lot, you’ll need to drink a lot of water, so take a litre bottle with you, making sure you sip it right the way through. You’ll also need to make sure you carry on drinking lots of water though out the rest of the day.

You’re expected to sweat a lot, so don’t panic if you’re dripping from head to toe.

Tip: You may want to take stuff to take a shower before you leave the gym/studio, to avoid any funny looks on the way home.

2. Do you have to be super flexible to do Bikram Yoga?

Just like anything else, we can’t all be experts when we first start out, and so some of us will be quite flexible, while others will have to work on this. If you feel like you’re not very flexible, don’t let it put you off trying Bikram Yoga, as it will help to increase flexibility.

3. What might a class include?

A Bikram Yoga class typically involves carrying out 26 poses in 40 degrees heat. The idea behind this is to open up the pores to create a detoxing effect, while working to stretch and tone the muscles.

Bikram Yoga is great to work into your weekly regime, or even just to do every now and then to mix things up, but expect it to be hot, and sweaty, and remember to drink lots of water.

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