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Product Description Writing- Just How Important is it?

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At Eilidh MacRae Media, we offer product description writing to our clients, in the fashion, beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle industries, but why is it important to have a professionally written product description, and is there more to it than a piece of content that merely, well, describes a product?

For many brands, the same description is used on their packaging, as well as on their website. While all product descriptions should firstly sell the product, and contain everything the customer needs to know, when being published online, they should also focus on being optimised for search too.

Above all, product descriptions should reflect the brand and the product perfectly, be beautifully written, and contain all the vital information about the product, and this shouldn’t be compromised with keywords, but of course keywords are essential to customers finding your products online, and so they should be carefully and cleverly woven into the content.

When publishing product descriptions online, they should also be unique, and optimised for their own individual keywords, to avoid duplicate content. Getting the length of your description can be tricky too, as you need to ensure the content is lengthy enough to contain your keywords and also to include all the information your customer needs to know about your product, yet short enough so that the user doesn’t click off after becoming overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of content.

Striking the balance right is key, and requires a careful assessment of the needs of the search engine, and the user too. Online product description writing shouldn’t be rushed or approached with out taking into account all the various vital factors. Your content needs to sell the product, it needs to interest and engage the user, but it also needs to be found too.

At Eilidh MacRae Media, we use this carefully analysed strategy to write product descriptions for our clients that really do the job, while also not compromising on creativity and brand tone of voice.

We have written descriptions for the likes of Supercuts the UK salon brand, Results with Lucy, the diet and fitness programme created by Lucy Mecklenburgh and supplement brand SlimZest, to name a few.

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