Our Top Pick of: Skinny Popcorn Brands

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The current obsession in the office is… Popcorn! Possibly not considered the usual healthy snack, when popcorn is mentioned, cinema snacks coated in butter and sugar spring to mind. When done right though, popcorn can offer a relativity sensible sweet treat, that’s low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

Whilst there’s not a huge amount of benefits in terms of nutritional value, popcorn is high in fibre, and is far better than satisfying your sweet cravings with chocolate, cake or biscuits.

Popcorn seems to be having a bit of a moment, with various brands springing up as of late. What popcorn brands seem to do well is packaging and branding, with many opting for a quirky style. Several also play on the fact that it does offer a low calorie treat, but you do have to be careful with portion size.

We’ve rounded up our favourite popcorn brands, firstly because we love their branding and what they are doing at the moment, and secondly because they also happen to taste great…

1. Tyrrell’s Posh Corn

In particular, the sweet and salty- We just love the packaging! The British Brand have opted for a playful vintage theme across their poshcorn packaging, choosing bold but easy on the eye pastel shades, with pops of cream and grey. Dare we say, the packaging is a little on the feminine side, but perhaps that’s what’s so appealing to our team!


Alongside the Sweet & Salty, Tyrrell’s also make their poshcorn in: Sea Salted, Lemon Cupcake, Coconut & Caramel and Salted with a twist of black pepper.

2. Proper Corn

Next up is Proper Corn, who mix things up with sweet and savoury flavours. With packaging in bright colours with playful design, the Proper Corn bags really stand out on the shelves, and make the snack feel fun and light hearted, just as it should feel.

Proper Corn

In a variety of colours, each flavour boasts its own distinctive packaging, with the Sweet Coconut & Vanilla in bright pink, the Sour Cream & Black Pepper in mint green and Lightly Salted in sky blue.

The corn is packaged in individual servings, with the calories displayed on the front. Proper Corn follow their strong branding across all aspects, including their website and highly successful social media pages.

3. Metcalfe’s

In third is Metcalfe’s for their ‘skinny’ popcorn. Metcalfe’s push that idea of popcorn being a low calorie snack that little bit harder, and mostly focus on sweet flavours. The skinny corn packaging is a little more toned down than that of Proper Corn and Tyrrell’s, using more muted colours and designs, with each flavour’s packaging still unique.


The flavours include: sweet ‘n salt, cinnamon sweet, wasabi glase and honey bee. Our favourite is cinnamon sweet- it gets a big thumbs up from us!

We’ve still got a fair few flavours to get though, but we love what these brands are doing at the moment, and plan to keep a close eye on their movements. Here’s to popcorn! Delicious, with fun branding and packaging, and turns out it’s not so bad for you at all.

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  1. Carol MacRae

    I had no idea about the new direction popcorn is going in. Look great and very tempted to try!

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