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Online Store Launch: Shop Lifestyle Creative Services

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I’m pretty excited to announce the launch of our online store! A slightly unusual approach to marketing, I hear you thinking, but hear me out on this one. Unlike the majority of digital marketing, PR and design agencies, our aim is to make all our prices and services completely transparent with our clients and make everything easy, and our online store does just that.


Quick and Efficient…

Something that has always bugged me about looking for assistance in the form of services, is how clouded everything is. I know what I want and need, but can I find it and find a price quickly and easily online…not likely. I’m not entirely sure where this kind of approach began, but I’ve never been a fan of it.

Let’s say I want to find someone to provide lifestyle blog management and grow my social media, so I start Googling and find six agencies who I think do what I want. I call them all up, or email them. At one agency the person I need to speak to is out the office, I get prices from three, two are out of budget and at the other agency they’re not interested in the industry I work in, the other one doesn’t actually offer blog management. I’m left with one option, and it took me a good hour to research and contact every agency, and I might not even be happy with the one agency who can help me, maybe they were last on my list.

As a business owner, I want to make decisions quickly. Tick things off my to do list, and do that in the most efficient way possible. An online store for marketing, PR and design services enables me to do so. I can simply search for what I need, add it to my basket, checkout and add any necessary notes, and rest assure my task is in the hands of an expert.

Ease of use…

We now have a total of 60 products available in our store, ranging from social media marketing packages, content writing services, design such as Lookbooks and brochures, web development packages, PR and more. We’ve created neat little lifestyle creative services in product packages that enable you to order exactly what you need, with add-on options to tailor the products to suit your needs.

The pricing is clear, you can determine exactly what you want at the checkout where you can add notes and documents, and we offer you the option for us to get stuck right in and manage everything for you, or have more involvement by requesting a call to talk everything through before we get started.

Alongside our pre-packaged services, we still offer bespoke options, and encourage you to get in touch to discus your needs further if you’re not quite ready to order a package, or you need a super-bespoke service.

Browse the online store now, and shop lifestyle creative services here:

Or drop me an email:

Eilidh x

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