Meet Health Goals by Becoming ‘Drink Aware’

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By Chloe Crockford

Now lets be honest we all enjoy a glass of wine to end the week, or a weekly meeting with friends at a pub. It can help take a bitter week to an end with a mixture of conversation alongside a relaxing beverage

But did you know that drinking two medium glasses of white wine could mean a similar calorific intake as eating a whole burger, and a few pints of cider on a summer evening could be equivalent to eating two burgers, meaning it would take a 65-minute run just to burn it off.

Drink aware have created a free app which is available to download on any iPhone, Android or smart phone. It helps to track your alcohol units and calculate how many calories you may have consumed. It features a huge range of different drinks, making it easier for you to track any drink.

Rather unusually, the app also allows you to compare your calorie intake from alcohol to the amount of burgers you could have eaten. Most of us see indulging in a burger with all the trimmings often as something that is deemed unhealthy and should be avoided if we want to loose weight. However, alcohol still doesn’t have this perception, and it could be a major cause of weight gain, preventing weight loss.

Health is usually another huge factor that is affected by alcohol consumption. With the drink aware app, it can allow you to see how much your health can be affected, based on your own personal alcohol intake.

Overtime the app allows you to see any progress you have made. The app lets you set a personal goal or target to help bring your alcohol consumption down. If it is your local pub or bar that is bringing the encouragement you do not need, then the Drink aware app allows you to set the location as your weak spot.

The app helps to support you every step of the way, helping you to continue your journey and minimise your alcohol intake.

So with summer approaching and a drink in the garden seeming extremely appealing, be careful with your daily intake. Ensure you drink plenty of water in order to keep replenished.

Use the app to help you determine how many units you could be drinking and allow yourself a treat every now and then without over indulging. For the calorie conscious and those aiming to loose weight, then we would recommend to cut back on your alcohol consumption, rather than you missing out on any vital nutrients you may be getting from your food intake.



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