Is exercising with make-up on really that bad….?

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In the office, when we asked round about this deadly sin, we found out more of us opted to support a made up face than not during a workout session.

We are all well aware that exercising in our make-up is frowned upon, but do we really know why? Often, we are surrounded by women with perfectly applied makeup, and yes, maybe their excuse may be they have just left work, or come after a day out with friends. However, it is essential to always pack a handy pack of face wipes in our gym bag, ready to remove any make-up before working out.

Here’s why you might want to think again next time you head to the gym in your days make-up…

Wearing heavy amounts of make-up, especially foundation, concealer and blusher may leave you at risk of clogging your pores. When we sweat our pores open, meaning anything that has been applied over them is then slowly seeping into our pores. This can lead to a heavy increase of acne and increased visibility of pores underneath make-up.

During a workout, our skin needs to breathe, and with even the lightest amount of make-up on our skin, this can cause serious problems. As women, we all know what it is like. We want to look semi alive during our workouts, and running in to any familiar face is something we dread without a layer of our war paint.

However, applying make-up for a heavy cardio workout is just pointless. After sweating, make-up is left blotchy and patchy, probably making us look even more uneven if we had no make-up on at all.

Can’t stand to go bare? Here is the solution…

Although, if it is essential to you to wear even a light layer during your workout, try a light, oil-free tinted moisturiser. This will help to give you a light coverage without a heavy base. However, ensure you cleanse and wash your face as soon as you return from your workout to make sure pores are unblocked and no make-up has been trapped within the skin.

We are all at the gym for the exact same reasons. We are there to workout, look sweaty and burn some serious calories. No one is there to look pretty and no one is any exception. In fact, anyone leaving still looking pretty after a workout could be accused of not working hard enough!

After any workout, with no or little make-up, we must ensure we cleanse and wash our face. Our pores are usually enlarged meaning that sweat and grime have a greater opportunity to settle into our skin. A simple and light cleanse will help to strip the skin of any sweat and grimes, which you can then finish up with your normal creams depending on what time of the day it is.

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