Is Aloe Vera the new super plant?

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We are all no strangers to the latest trends and super plants now available to us. They do everything from smoothing out skin, making hair soft and shiny and have an endless list of health benefits for digestion and weight loss.

So is it time we said goodbye to coconut oil and water and maybe hello to Aloe Vera. Although coconut water and oil is still a great health benefit source, Aloe Vera may be hot on its heels.

Packed full with vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera helps to aid digestion and get rid of any unwanted toxins. The health benefits of Aloe Vera date back even to the Egyptian period where it was used as an herbal medicine.

Not only does it also help with weightless, it can also help with immune function, ease discomfort and help to reduce inflammation.

The benefits..

Just some of Aloe Vera’s ingredients include calcium, zinc, amino and fatty acids, potassium and many many more! It also contains a multitude of vitamins including vitamin A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3, B6 and is actually one of the very few plants that contact vitamin B12. B12 is a great source of vitamin to add to your diet as it can help with brain and nervous system function.

Using Aloe Vera…

Easily available anywhere, Aloe Vera is available in a variety of forms. Not only has Aloe Vera also be renowned as a great healer for sunburn, it also great on hydrating skin and adding that hairdresser shine to hair. The health benefits go on but there are even more if you consume the super plant internally.

Whether you used Aloe Vera as a heat gel, shampoo or conditioner, body wash, a flavoured water or even a pure shot of Aloe Vera every morning, nutritionist everywhere are raving about the new super plant.

Who Aloe Vera is best for..

Aloe Vera is perfect for anyone who suffers with any inflammatory diseases or even with any discomfort including bloating. Aloe Vera helps to sooth your internal function, helping to reduce bloat and any inflammation.

Those using Aloe Vera have also claimed the added shine and how replenished their hair, skin and nails are from the plant. Hair and nails have become healthier, while skin has become blemish free with an all around post facial glow.

Overall, Aloe Vera is a great natural remedy, helping to replenish your body in the most natural way. It is packed full of vitamins and nutrients and is perfect for anyone that is suffering with any inflammatory bowel diseases or even arthritis. One of the best ways to gain all these great benefits is by drinking the plant, so why not try some Aloe Vera infused water or even drinking it in its purest form!

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