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Our guest post this week is from Jenny, blogger behind Fashion From a Field – www.fashionfromafield.com

I have to admit that I am a newbie to the world of interior decor. Of course I’m no expert but I like pretty things and creating an eye catching space. If you have a look at my own blog its been creeping in very slowly with different homeware pieces being showcased and a whole room makeover. I thought that I’d explore some of my fave interior styles and some more out of the box home decor with you guys. All images are from Pinterest; a great place where I like to create mood boards for any home inspiration. Something I highly recommend to anyone who is planning on a room overhaul. I should also point out that Pinterest is of course the most idyllic version of the ideas you have. THE DREAM. But you can still achieve the interior you want with some key pieces.

So let’s get right into it:


scandi 1

Scandi style has become extremely popular in the last few years. With loads of amazing scandi tv dramas like The Bridge and 100 Code, its become an alternative mainstream trend. I visited Copenhagen last year and I was had my heart stolen by the whole way of life over there. From the people, the food, the scenery and the interiors.

How to achieve those Scandi vibes:

  1. Neutrals – something I saw lots of in Copenhagen, keeping your colours as similar as possible with an array of grey tones keeps your palette sleek.
  2. Faux Fur – plenty of faux fur pillows, rugs, throws. The more the better. With your neutral cool tones, the addition of furry throws will add some warmth to your space.
  3. Copper – from light fittings to trinket boxes, making your space unique and personal is so important. Picking quirky shapes makes all the difference with your room.
  4. No Clutter – now I know this sounds like the unachievable as we all have to live life and there will be piles of paper work and all sorts around, but keeping your space tidy will make you feel so good. Maybe invest in some simple files or an enclosed shelving unit in a stand out design.



I’ve called this interior theme tropical as I can’t quite put a name on it. It’s outdoors meets indoors with pops of colour and the occasional houseplant. Think Miami vibes, perfect for the bedroom or office. Flamingos, palms and coconuts will feature lots in your mood boards.

How to achieve a TROPICAL scene:

  1. Plants- a nice palm, snake plant or cacti can inject tropical vies into any room. A bright chunky pot will add even more colour too. If you are worried about killing them, you can go faux just be picky as you want them to look realistic for the full effect.
  2. Feature wall- I love a good feature wall, a bright turquoise or a snazzy print will add instant Miami beach vies to your room. Think geometric shapes in pastels for a classy nod to the trend.
  3. Cute Trinkets- think pineapple lamps and flamingo prints. They may be stereotypical but they do the job and look fab. There are so many colour variations out there you room will be of your own tropical creation.



I think this earthy toned interior is a bit more of a masculine trend but it can easily work for an urban kitchen vibe too. Interiors don’t have to be all about soft and neutral, turn the grit volume up with exposed concrete and bricks and metal centre pieces.

How to get those EARTHY tones:

  1. Colour selection – many say going for dark colours makes a room look smaller, I think it depends on how you mix them up. Black, brown, mustard and gun metal grey all mix so well together for a really rich colour palette.
  2. Lighting – drop down light bulbs, oversized lamps and spot lights can play a key part in highlighting your key spaces. Use spot lights over a bookcase for a dramatic effect. Add some drop light bulbs over your dining room table. You don’t have to go BIG to get the look you desire.
  3. Exposed surfaces – exposed beams and brick work bring some roughness to your interior. While smooth concrete looks quite industrial, something you can have fun with when choosing your furnishing.

These are just 3 interior themes to inspire you, but there are many more to be discovered. Would you take the leap into redecorating an entire room in one of these styles? Or would you just inject some interesting pieces to your space? Let us know in the comments below, or share your photos with us on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #EMMinteriors. Make sure to @ mention @Eilidhmmedia!

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