How to Push Your Brand on Social

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Social media use from businesses has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. According to an article on, “81% of small and medium sized businesses are now using social media, with 94% of of them using it for marketing and outreach purposes”. With these figures in mind, it’s no surprise how much importance is placed on having a useful social media strategy, or at least a basic understanding of how things work.

I’ve put together a short list of things to bear in mind when setting up your brand or business on social. Hope these tips help you! Please leave a comment if you have any other advice that could guide other people in your position.

 1. Choosing which social platforms are best/most relevant for your brand 

This may sound silly, but so many brands decide that they want to be present on every single social platform in existence, when this may just be wasting valuable time. The best ones to go for initially are:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook 

By starting with these solid platforms, you can give yourself and your brand the chance to reach the right people, without giving yourself too much work to begin with. Twitter is great because your posts are short and sweet, only 140 characters. This means you can post updates easily and quickly so your followers can learn more information about you over time. Posts with pictures are much more successful in grabbing people’s attention, so this is definitely something I’d advise doing. Quality of images is so important in leaving a good impression, so make this a priority. Obviously, this applies to Instagram too. To truly influence your followers and to show them what messages your brand is trying to portray, Instagram is one of the best! Images speak 1000 words as they say, so think carefully about what you’re trying to say before you say it. The main thing is only posting top quality images, videos and graphics otherwise you’ll really struggle to gain a decent following. Finally, having a Facebook page is useful to write longer posts, share blog updates, host events and generally get your name out there more quickly.

2. Setting up your social accounts 

The first piece of advice I can give is do not rush this process! You need to think carefully about how to create your social accounts in a way that ties them all in nicely together. For example, if your Twitter handle is @company_name, then it helps to also have @company_name for your Instagram account, not @companyname.

Spend a bit of time getting to know each platform. Have a look at how other brands use each platform. Perhaps choose three brands you respect and would like your brand to be in the same league as, then look at what you think they do well and try to replicate this in your own unique way.

Research is key in making sure you don’t just do the first thing that comes into your mind.

3. Managing these social accounts by…

A) Producing interesting content

Whether this means sharing links to content you’ve written for your brand’s blog or posting fresh new views on your industry, you need to make sure you’re creating content as well as just sharing other people’s.

If you don’t feel confident in writing to creating these posts and infographics yourself, we offer a range of services such a blog post writing to social media content drafting to save you the trouble. Check out our services and prices for more information:


B) Regularly engaging with your audience 

Don’t just schedule your posts and leave your accounts to fend for themselves – spend some time browsing through. Like others posts, share interesting content and aim to reply to every message you receive. This will give you an insight to how your audience thinks and what they’re interested in.

4. Setting personal goals for your business

There are lots of examples as to what these goals might be. For example, you may want to…

  • Show off your photography skills to a wider audience
  • Present your products in a new light
  • Get more people to know about events in your business calendar
  • Reach a higher number of people
  • Get more views on your blog posts
  • Gain more influence in your industry
  • Become a household name!
  • Gain interest from work experience applicants

5. Using social media to achieve these goals:

There are many ways social media can help you to achieve these goals! For example…


  • Show off your photography skills
  • Post pictures of new products
  • Post pictures of your existing products in new ways
  • If you own a hair or beauty salon – show your latest looks and include guides. You can even repost your clients’ pictures to add a vibrant community to your feed. Simply screenshot on your iPhone (by pressing the lock button and main button at the same time) to get the image ready to post.
  • Share posters for events you’re hosting, or events you’re going to as a business that you want to see your customers attending!
  • Share images from business meetings, briefings, company lunches, office parties, office decor you’re proud of or even the office dog! Instagram is one of the best platforms for giving your brand a personality. Make sure you make taking photographs a habit of yours. It could benefit your business more than you think!

Twitter –

  • You can host Twitter competitions (RT and follow to win…) and make your products the prizes. This means you can exchange the costs for the product itself and P&P to gain some valuable new followers.
  • Post frequently about events you have coming up
  • Share brand information and images to show off what you have going on on a day-to-day basis.
  • Share your blog posts often to increase your views and encourage people to share them with a simple RT, putting your posts in front of an audience you may never otherwise be able to reach.
  • Advertise slots for guest bloggers to write for your brand blog! This is an amazing way to get great content and address someone else’s audience.

Facebook – 

  • If you create a brand or business Facebook page, people will be able to take you more seriously.
  • You can advertise work experience opportunities or job positions that come up in your company.
  • Host an event and see how many people click interested, or attending.
  • Share images and blog posts, much like you would on Twitter but with more room for text!


In summary, there are so many ways you can utilise social media to push your brand and give it that boost when you need it most. Good luck, and please leave a comment with links to your brand’s social accounts for others to check out and follow! Thanks for reading.

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