How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

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photoLearning to promote your blog on Instagram is vital in ensuring your blog gets seen by the right audience. Instagram is an intensely powerful tool when used properly. According to, in 2015, Instagram had already a staggering 400 million users. With this many people using the app, it’s certain that you’ll be able to find a group of people perfectly suited to your blog. Whether you blog about fashion, beauty, health, careers or general lifestyle, the use of hashtagging on Instagram posts can make it easy to target different groups and the visual nature of the app lets people portray their brand or blogger identity easily through clever photography styles and impressive camera skills.

Instagram has changed quite a lot already in 2016, with a new brighter app logo design being launched and a new sleek black and white design in the app itself. One of the most talked about changes is the new process where Instagram aims to show you posts that it predicts will interest you, rather than in chronological order like before. states that Instagram recently announced that over half a billion people are on Instagram, with over 300 million daily users. I’ve created a little list of tips on ‘How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram’. Let me know if you find these helpful, or if you have any of your own tips you’ve tried and tested in the comments below.

 1. Adding hashtags in a comment (not your caption)

By adding hashtags this way, you can avoid creating a messy looking post with lots of unnecessary text underneath. It’s a more subtle way to get a larger audience to see your images without spamming your followers. If you run a lifestyle blog, you may use hashtags such as: #blog #blogger #lbloggers #bbloggers #ootd #style #fashion #beauty #socialmedia #lifestyle #uk  


photo 2 2. Spread your link!


This sounds like an obvious one, but make sure there is a link to your blog in the bio of your Instagram account. This will help people understand that you’re pitching yourself as a blogger, and will encourage them to browse your page. Especially if they are impressed with your photography skills!


3. Comment on other posts and like the ones that impress you!


If you see an image you like the look of, always make sure you comment or ‘like’ it!  It sounds so simple but you have to remember, the more comments you make, the more your name will appear on Instagram. This means more people will be lead to your feed and this can encourage more followers and therefore more blog views! It also shows you’re a real person and people like having genuine comments to read and reply to.


4. Take good photos


photography 2If you’re not sure whether an image is good enough, ask a friend or family member what they think. Never upload an image that is even slightly blurry because people will stop taking your blog seriously in an instant! If you have a particular look you’re aiming for, make sure you edit your photos to stick to this theme. Whether you decide to take the image on your phone or with a better camera to later upload to your phone, both are sufficient enough to make your feed look good. On Instagram you can edit photos nicely or add filters if you want to. There are other good photo editing apps such as VSCO which gives you nice effects, or Shapely which allows you to give your images borders or so you can put your images into heart or star shapes. iLeaker is also a good one for creating images that look like they were taken on a 35mm camera, as they add splashes of colour to give them a vintage feel. Or one of my favourites, ‘Layout’ lets you arrange a series of photos together to make a little collage of images. Try some of these out, sometimes experimenting is the best way to discover what works for you!


4. Be a perfectionistdraw


If you upload an image and then decide it’s not suited to your existing feed, delete it. Being a perfectionist is a great quality to have when it comes to blogging and if you’re using Instagram to promote yourself and your blog. This doesn’t mean you should worry about every post, but just keep monitoring the kind of look you’re aiming to go for and make sure you’re happy with everything you post.


5. Screenshot your blog posts and post them on your Instagram 


This is a technique we have adopted on the Eilidh MacRae Media Instagram feed to show our followers our posts really clearly. By always posting them with two other images between them, they appear in a neat line down our profile which makes it look organised and planned. The easiest way to do this is to publish a new post on your blog, then go on your phone and screenshot the post, then add as an image on your Instagram feed. Check out ours to see what I mean!


6. Make sure your Instagram name is the same, or at least very similar, to your blog name!


You’d be surprised how many people miss this important point. If your blog is called “Little Miss Sunshine” and your Instagram is under your real name, no one is going to make the connection automatically. If you’d rather have a personal account with your real name and another account specifically promoting your blog, this is fine! Now Instagram allows you to log into multiple accounts on your mobile device which makes it easy to manage more than one at the same time.


7. Use Boomerang!


You may have heard of Boomerang, the app that allows you to create a short moving image in a ‘boomerang’ style as the image jumps from movement to movement. These can liven up an otherwise plain feed and give your followers something different. This is a great chance to get creative! On Instagram, search for the hashtag #boomerang to give you some ideas of things to post! There are some great ones on there of people jumping into the ocean, sipping cocktails and blowing kisses. Please comment below if you have any other great ideas of things to do in a Boomerang!




8. Tag brands


If you’re posting images of new items you’ve bought, sometimes if you tag the brand, they will feature you on their feeds. For example, if you bought a pair of sunglasses from Quay Australia and @ mentioned them, they may feature you or reshare your image. This will get your face in front of a wider audience and therefore allow more Instagram users to see your blog.



9. Be mysterious!


forestAlternatively, you can give away very little in your posts to encourage people to ask questions about where things are from! This can encourage more comments and when people want to know more, they might spend longer on your profile trying to discover more. For example posting an outfit of the day photo of yourself if you run a fashion blog, and then explaining that a blog post has gone up showing where all the items are from. This will definitely increase your views if people like the items you have on!

If you have any other tips for bloggers on how to promote your blog on Instagram, please let us know in the comments below! Or if you’re a brand or blogger looking for some help with managing your online platforms, we offer services to cover everything you might need. Have a look at our prices and services pages, as all our prices can be found online so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Thanks for reading!

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Polly Snell


  1. I had no idea that screen shooting your blog posts would actually work. Nice hack!
    The most difficult thing for me is to post good pictures. I’m a perfectionist and I always believe that my pictures could look better.

  2. I’m constantly questioning whether I’very used the right pictures on Instagram too. Great tips here thank you so much Eilidh.
    I hope to work with you soon!

    • Eilidh MacRae

      Hi Rubana, pleased you found the post helpful! Hope all is well, look forward to working with you again soon.

      Eilidh x

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