How to Achieve Bohemian Chic Style For Autumn/Winter

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Bohemian Chic is for sure going to be the on trend hit this Autumn. Even throughout Spring and Summer, the Boho style has been apparent. With tassels and suede featured on various styles of clothing, it is a style that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

With festival season almost over now, it was maybe though that the bohemian chic was put away for another year until the festivals hit again. How very wrong we all were!

The Boho chic style has become a beautiful thing of blending and mixing different styles, shapes, patterns and textures and combining in into something different. Combining all practicalities of every season, the Boho look is a great look for any season.

To wear along with bare legs and chunky boots or gladiator sandals in the summer, the look can now be transformed to be practical for the winter. Tassel and printed dresses look just as great with tights and a leather jacket, or make a suede jacket with tassels.


Capes and Ponchos

Capes and ponchos are a great look for this Autumn, making them an easy extra layer to quickly hang over a Boho infused outfit. They are great for wear both indoors and outdoors, and can be worn both casually or even out for dinner. During these next few months the weather can be extremely temperamental. A cape or poncho is great just to slip into your bag or easily take off if it starts becoming a little warmer.

Printsboho fashion

Prints are great when aiming for a Boho look. Paisley prints have been particularly popular, especially in dresses and loose fitting tops. Paisley is a gorgeous bold print, helping to infuse any outfit with a little colour and style. It is a great choice for wear underneath a fabulous suede jacket or even underneath a plain cape or poncho. Maybe try mixing different prints together for a more unique and diverse look!


Suede is definitely one of the most popular textures this Autumn. Embossed with different styles and prints, a suede jacket r dress helps to keep your outfit simple and chic without going over board on the styles. Simply adding tassels can really help you to look a little more edgy, whilst still keeping it simple.

Other textures like tweed, plaid, leather and faux fur are also going to be great for this Autumn. A leather jacket is always great to keep in the wardrobe. Their simple style means they go with absolutely anything, yet still remaining a fashion must have for every season!


Try adding some Boho chic essentials to your wardrobe. Those a little more afraid of textures and prints can start with something simple, like a plain cape or suede dress. Start to build on your collection until you feel comfortable mixing prints and styles. The Boho look is simple and anyone can achieve it. Most stores both online and on the high street are stocked full of fashion ideas and inspiration. Why not have a look and get your Boho look sorted!


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