Health Versus Convenience; The ongoing Battle

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When it comes to eating well along side our busy modern day lifestyles it isn’t always a walk in the park. Healthy eating takes planning, it takes discipline and it requires a lot of forward thinking. When we are on the go for large portions of our day is healthy eating still possible, or does convenience simply take over?

Food for Fuel

Primarily food is used to fuel the body, and when we are busy this is a necessity, but when time is short food that really gives the body what it needs is somehow less accessible and inconvenient. In a time where convenience food is also often unhealthy food, is it really possible to eat well 99% of the time when we lead busy lives?

The foods we need to keep our bodies in tip top condition include proteins (for restoring and rebuilding the muscles), complex carbohydrates and good fats. When it comes to typical convenience foods these are often quite the opposite, and are usually made up of sugar, bad fats and high glycemic index carbs, not to mention with lots of added salts, preservatives and chemicals.

Not only will these convenience foods most likely cause you to add inches to your waist line, they are also likely to make you feel low on energy, experiencing sugar crashes, making you less able to deal with the challenges you face day to day.

Can Healthy Eating Be Convenient?

It is possible to eat well all the time, even when you’re on the go all day, it just depends how much time you’re able to commit. You might have heard people talking about meal prep, in where they prepare meals in advance for the week or a few days to make sure they eat what their body needs day in day out. While this is great and it means you’ll never be caught out and feel forced to eat an unhealthy meal, you might not always have the time to commit to do this.



Thankfully the health food industry have caught on to this ever developing problem, offering convenience meals that are prepackaged and full of natural and healthy ingredients.

One of these brands doing this so well is ilumi, offering ready made meals with a difference. Free from additives, preservatives and unnecessary thickeners like gluten, the products consist of all natural ingredients with the healthy diet in mind.

The brand state that their mission is to ‘prove that healthy and tasty don’t have to be mutually exclusive at all’ and that products are ‘made with natural ingredients and with no hidden nasties’ and the products are all gluten, diary and nut free.

With meals such as slow cooked Chilli Con Carne and Cantonese Style Chicken, many of the meals are high in protein, highly nutritious and of course convenient, being easy to heat up and serve when time is short.

When preparing food yourself from scratch isn’t always possible, these kind of premade meals offer a great alternative. Find out more about ilumi products at:

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