Graduation Day Outfit Inspiration

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For many final year university students, the big day is fast approaching: graduation! If you’re anything like me, this day will have always been vaguely in the back of your mind, but with no real plan or attention given to it.

My graduation is in just a few weeks, so along with sending in my measurements for my robes and graduation hat, I need to decide on something suitable (but gorgeous) to wear. Some decide to go all out and some decide to opt for a more classy, subtle look. I’ve put together a little list of dresses to give you an idea of where to begin your search. Now is the perfect time to buy it, to make the most of your student discount while you can!

Click on the images to follow through to the sites.

I’ve decided to split it into themes:

  • All Black Everything
  • Great Gatsby Get Up
  • Red Carpet Results Day

All Black Everything

dress 1




This full length black dress from Asos can be perfect for graduation if you want to go for a sleek understated look. Another bonus to this dress is that it’s only £18!





dress 2




This gorgeous dress from Topshop has an incredibly elegant shape that will look amazing if you’re taking photos into the evening. This dress is £49, so still good value as this is a dress you could potentially wear again in the future.






dress 3




This high necked black dress from Missguided is a classy length, falling just above the knee. This is for those who want to keep it simple while still adding a bit of detail that makes them stand out in a crowd of other graduates. Again, this dress is only £18 and could easily be worn again on nights out or future special occasions.







Great Gatsby Get Up

dress 4




This premium cut out dress is from Missguided. The long sleeves add some class to this shorter dress, and it’s slightly more expensive than the previous dresses at £120. The colour is lighter than the other dresses, so if you don’t want to go for a typical black look this could be ideal.





dress 5





The pleats on this dress are extremely flattering and the floaty style is perfect for if the weather (hopefully!) warms up in time for your graduation. The length is sensible but pretty and for £49 this dress is a reasonable price for your special day.





dress 6




This Motel dress has been reduced to £20, saving you £55! It’s got bell sleeves and a low back giving it some added detail if you really want to make a statement at your graduation. It could also be worn again perhaps for a girls night out on the town or family occasion.






Red Carpet Results Day

dress 7



This one is a real show stopper. For the girls who want to really make a statement that they’re happy to have finished uni! You’ll be covered up by your robes for the ceremony anyway, and this way you’ll be ready for your night out afterwards to celebrate! – £45






dress 8




This slinky black number is elegant, subtle and so stylish. It’s only £30, and this one could definitely be kept and worn again making it excellent value for money.





dress 9




Going for a more unusual colour can help you feel a bit more special for graduation. This dress is bodycon with a flattering neckline, is perfect for summer due to the length and lack of sleeves, and for only £20 you’ll be able to afford some killer shoes to go with it.





I hope these dress suggestions have given you some ideas on what dress to go for. Or perhaps you want to do something completely different and opt for a smart suit or jumpsuit? Online stores like Missguided and Asos are the best in my opinion. They create an easy online shopping experience for you to save some of the stress that can go into planning your graduation. Good luck, and well done on your achievements so far!

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