Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

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Trying to choose the perfect gift for your best friend can be a mammoth task. She/he has been there for you in your hardest times, wiped away your tears, made you laugh when you’d rather scream, and generally been an impeccable other half. So why is it so difficult to pick the perfect present for the one you know so freakishly well?

I’ve compiled this list of my Top 10 Gift Ideas for your Bestie, to help decrease your stress levels and remind you that gift buying can actually be fun!

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coconut waterCoconut Merchant

Twitter: @coconutmerchant


Coconut water – some people love it, some people hate it. If your best friend is the type that loves it, check out this brand! They have a huge range of coconut based products (including actual fresh coconuts), and you can even arrange a monthly subscription making each product cheaper too. For the coconut gift that keeps on giving, choose the Coconut Merchant.



wrapOhh Deer

Twitter: @ohh_deer


Whatever gift you do decide to give needs to be wrapped to perfection! This wrapping paper designed by Lorna Scobie is so gorgeous, your best friend won’t want to throw it away. Ohh Deer has loads of other cute illustrated gifts for you to choose from, including cushions and prints for the wall.

light up


Luxe To Kill


Twitter: @luxetokill


Does your best friend like to light up the room? These sandals will be perfect for her! If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, these will make a memorable gift. If you’ve got some summer festivals lined up together, why not buy her the white ones and you go for black?!



classic-black-raspberry-_-vanilla-candle-4_2Flamingo Candles


Twitter: @FlamingoCandles


There are some incredible scents from Flamingo Candles, including: white musk, strawberry millions, fresh aloe and mediterranean fig! They also so scent melts for only £2 so you could get a few to bulk up your bestie’s present package.


cardLola Hoad Design


Twitter: @LolaHoadDesign


A cute greeting card is also a necessity for your best friend’s birthday! I love this ‘I am so happy you were born’ A6 card from Lola Hoad Design. She also makes gorgeous wall prints in a similar style but larger.






Twitter: @howkapow


This navy pouch is a great gift for the girl who has everything. It’s stylish, classy and has lots of uses. I love the design of this and can think of a few friends who would love it too.



Art Rookie


Twitter: @Art_Rookie


I absolutely love this collection from Art Rookie. There is a range of other items including phone cases and prints for you to choose from.




Lily Rose Co


Twitter: @LilyRoseCo


This “She believed she could so she did” print is gorgeous and would make the perfect addition to your best friend’s bedroom or desk area. It can give her that little bit of motivation she might need, while still reminding her of you!





Dot Creates


Twitter: @dotcreates


Does your bestie love writing lists? This notebook could make a super cute gift to keep in her handbag. It’s always good to give gifts that someone can make good use out of!




bday box

Letterbox Gifts


Twitter: @LetterboxGift


This gift speaks for itself. It’s beautifully presented and includes: handmade birthday chocolates, natural honey and crambe hand cream, geranium and patchouli soap, vintage blossom soy candle and some Earl Grey tea.


If you have any other suggestions for gift ideas or boutiques you’d recommend, please comment below or tweet us at @Eilidhmmedia! Thanks for reading.

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