Fermented Skin Care: The Next Big Thing in Beauty?

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Creating a bit of a buzz as of late in the beauty industry, the latest innovation to hit the market is fermented skin care.

Originating from Korea, the concept involves the fermentation of naturally sourced ingredients to be used on the skin. Already key ingredients in beauty, the likes of seaweed, ginseng, black tea, flowers and herbs are said to be more beneficial to the skin once fermented, but does this really work and as a whole would we really consider applying products containing fermented ingredients to achieve healthier skin?

Fermentation benefits…


Whilst the idea may sound a little unusual, it does seem there may be some very valid reasons behind this new and uprising trend.

The process of fermentation means that the yeast breaks down the active ingredients into smaller particles, which are then more effective and absorbed better by the skin than the ingredients that have not been through fermentation. If you think of it like red wine, which has more antioxidants than when in grape form because it’s fermented, it kind of makes sense.

Through fermentation the ingredients become more powerful, as well as being better absorbed by the skin, so we get more benefits from the product.

Organic and Natural…

As our knowledge of the benefits of all natural and organic ingredients to our diet increases, as does the knowledge of the benefits of natural ingredients for our skin, seeing a huge boom in the organic and natural beauty industry.

The fermented products which are available now with more landing soon promise to be full of organic and natural ingredients, meaning they will be packed full of vitamins essential to the skin, but when considering a fermented product, check certifications to back up organic claims.

Organic products typically are richer in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and have greater moisturising properties, and the same goes for the fermented products making organic fermented products super powerful.

Use with caution…

With any new product we can’t be sure how our skin will respond, but it’s particularly important to be cautious with fermented products as the ingredients are potent. The antioxidants and amino acids are at an all time high in these products, which is great for the skin, but from person to person it’s important to go steady and see if these products are kind to your skin.

Those with sensitive skin or a yeast allergen should also use very carefully.

Ingredients to look out for in these products include: Hibiscus, snow lotus and fruit water, which are usually fermented for one to three years to increase the effectiveness of these powerful ingredients.

These products are deemed to be the next big thing in beauty, so watch this space.

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