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Fail to Blog, Prepare to Fail

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Blogging is the key to the growth of your business. While other components of course play an important factor, blogging is without doubt the best way to increase brand awareness. A book I recently read titled ‘Get Shit Done’, has got me thinking more and more about just how great blogging is, and why as businesses we should all be doing it. Here’s why…

1. We can be sure blogging will be around for years to come

Over the years the internet has changed rapidly. Remember 10 years ago when Myspace and Bebo were the go-to social media platforms? Well where are they now? Back in the day marketing execs would have focused their social media marketing efforts around these tools, and while this might have helped hugely at the time, those efforts all disappeared when the sites started to be over taken by the competition.

Today Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with a few other contenders are all at the focus of our marketing campaigns, but for how long? Another decade could see the decline of these sites and a whole new marketing campaign may be necessary.

During the introduction and decline of many social sites, the one thing that has stood strong is the blog. I’m in no way saying ignore social media platforms, as let’s face it, that would be ludicrous, but time and time again I see brands focusing heavily on their social media, and letting their blog fall by the wayside.

2. It’s your own little space to do/say whatever you want with

Within reason…your blog is there to get creative with, and build the reputation for your company that you envisage. Become an expert in your field, promote your services, create a personality behind your brand, it can all be done via your blog.

3. Boost your social media and SEO

Nothing goes further to helping your search rankings and engaging your audience than blogging. Actively publishing great content regularly is key to impressing Google. Simply optimise for keywords, use an SEO plugin to ensure your content hits the spot, publish and see your traffic and search rankings increase.

Furthermore, add another element to your social media platforms by sharing your blog posts, mixing up your social media is key and keep things fresh to keep your audience engaged.

Lifestyle blogging could be the key to achieving brand growth. The fashion, beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle blogging industry is huge. You could have a slice of that, but it’s important to do something different to ensure you’re heard above the noise. To enquire about blog management simply contact:

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