Getting your Christmas Content Marketing in Order

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Yesterday marked one month until Christmas, and with the first of December fast approaching, the count down until the big day has well and truly begun. It’s not too late to get your content marketing in order though, and there are a few things you may want to consider to help boost your business further during the busiest period of the year.

The Festive Market…

As expected, sales sky rocket during December, as the final shopping weeks for Christmas begin. The Christmas shopping period officially starts in mid November, and ends right on top of the big day, on the 24th of December. Since 2003, our over all spend at Christmas has increased each year, with a 2.9% growth in 2014 on the previous year.


Online shopping is also now more popular than ever, with thousands of us choosing to stay home to purchase our Christmas presents, and one in three of us admitting to purchasing festive gifts online.

With such a huge market opportunity for Christmas 2015, how can you ensure you are getting your products and services out there?

Content Marketing is Key…

Sitting back and waiting for customers to come is a strategy that’s sure to fail, even the big contenders are active at this time of year, to attract potential purchases. Your online marketing strategy is possibly the most important aspect, and producing high quality and alluring content is key.


Essential for various reasons, new content gives customers a reason to visit your website, and is a great way to promote your products. Do you typically only update your blog once a week, or maybe even once a month? Scrap that for the festive period, and aim to publish new content daily.

Content Marketing

We offer a variety of blogging packages, from full management, to content only. For the festive period, you may be interested in the following packages:

Monthly festive blog management, with three posts published per week: £300

Year long blog post planner: £150

20 blog posts (content only): £450- perfect for increasing your content for Christmas

Email newsletters…

Keep your current customers engaged and keep them up to date with new product launches, deals and discounts and festive events with regular email marketing. Link to your blog posts and send out a newsletter with a preview of your latest blog post and a link to continue reading, as well as other updates, make your email newsletters work hard.

We provide expertly crafted email marketing campaigns, creating brand specific email lists, writing attention grabbing and engaging content, designing eye catching email templates and delivering your content to the inbox of your targeted audience in a timely fashion.

Social Media Marketing…

Put an extra push into your social media campaigns over Christmas, driving more traffic to your website. Again make this work alongside your other content marketing efforts, linking your social media platforms to your blog posts, giving all your content the biggest push possible.

We provide content marketing packages that work seamlessly together, to drive everything forwards in the run up to Christmas, offering set packages and bespoke packages to suit your exact needs too.

Get in touch to find out how we could help this season:

Happy festive trading!

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