Christmas Content Marketing Tips

Christmas Content Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

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It’s pretty hard to believe it’s November already, and if the rest of the year is anything to go by, Christmas will have been and gone before before we’ve had time to breathe. Now is the perfect time to start implementing your Christmas Content Marketing strategy, to boost brand awareness while demand is at its highest.

For lifestyle brands, and particularly fashion and beauty brands, product demand is at an all-time high during the festive season. When people are looking to purchase, it’s important you make sure they find you with ease.

Here are our top Christmas Content Marketing tips, to put your brand in the spotlight when it really matters…

1. Media Coverage

It’s not too late to look at creating and distributing a press release to gain some coverage for the festive season. Early November, editors and journalists for monthly publications are planning and creating their content for December editions, and of course weekly magazines are always on the look out for new stories, products and brands to feature.

If you’re doing anything particularly unusual as a brand this season, make sure influential people and publications know about it. Don’t forget that blog and social media coverage can be incredibly influential when it comes to consumers making buying decisions. With your press release distribution, aim to gain coverage both online and offline, and remember that you’re far more likely to achieve great coverage if you’re happy to provide sample products to editors and bloggers.

2. Supercharge SEO

Regularly publishing on-site blog content is a great way to promote your products and drive more traffic through to your site, but it’s also fantastic for SEO purposes. With more and more of us choosing to do our Christmas shopping online, it’s important to ensure your brand is found across all channels.

While this year many of us will be influenced by brands we have seen on social media (more on this later), others will turn to search engines to help find ideal gifts and party season essentials, so it’s important to ensure you’re pushing your SEO during the festive period.

Up your blog content during November and December, to supercharge your SEO, as well as generating more interest in your brand, driving traffic and in-turn increasing sales.

3. Boost with Email Marketing

If you’ve built an email list over the previous years or months, you already have a fantastic platform of interested customers to sell your products to. Great email marketing campaigns are worth their Christmas Content Marketing Tipsweight in gold around this time of year, as your email lists allow you to promote your products and offers to people who have already expressed interest in what you do.

During the festive season, plan your email marketing campaigns in advance, in accordance to your social media and blog campaigns, to really push your products that will already be in high demand. Plan promotions such as discounts, free postage or even free gift wrapping, and also push the products that you know sell well as gifts, to make shopping with your brand this Christmas simple. I recommend sending out one email campaign per week.

4. Get Social

burberry-festive-campaign-531261Now is the time to really drive forward with your social campaigns, to make sure your brand is getting put in front of the right people as much as possible. I always recommend opting for a 20% self-promotional approach when it comes to social media, so avoid repetitively promoting your products and offers to avoid putting followers off. Remember the sales rule, that people are unlikely to buy from you until they have heard from you three times. This doesn’t mean pestering them until they give in, rather enticing them and giving them a reason to feel curious about your brand.

During the run-up to Christmas interaction is key. Posting great content is a must, but to really drive traffic make sure you’re hitting that three-time contact requirement, by publishing content that is going to interest your potential customer, but also make sure you encourage them to engage, whether you tweet or comment on one of their own posts directly, or you encourage them to interact with you by asking questions within your posts. In publishing content regularly, and interacting you are more likely to engage with each individual on more than one occasion, making them far more likely to click through to your website to find out more about what you do and your products.

Combining publishing regular blog content that’s optimised for SEO with a social campaign that’s designed to boost brand awareness and drive traffic, alongside a weekly email campaign to drive sales is the perfect way to make sure that your brand reaches its full potential during the festive season. Put your brand in front of the right people, and make sure you’re brand is getting found by those searching for similar products, and you’re sure to see a spike in sales this season.

Plan your festive content marketing campaigns to meet goals, to maximise the outcome of your efforts.ChNo time to supercharge your content marketing? We have recently launched our Christmas Content Marketing Boost Package, and can boost your brand awareness, website traffic and in turn sales this season for you.

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