• Blogger Management

    Our Blogger Management Services: now Live!

    I’m pleased to announce that our blogger management services are now live and available to shop online. Now providing our services to both lifestyle brands and bloggers, we have created packages specifically for lifestyle bloggers. Grow your blog… Today becoming a blogger and making blogging your career is possible, but…

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  • Instagram 2016 Update

    Instagram 2016 Update

    Image credit: livinfashion.co.uk   Instagram 2016 Update: On Wednesday May 11th 2016, Instagram unveiled a bright, new, more colourful flat design app icon and a much more sleek and simple black and white look inside the app. This new interface design is supposed to put “more focus on your photos and…

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  • Introducing our Lifestyle Blog Management Services

    It’s amazing to think that in just a short space of time, being a blogger has become a career, and a well paid one at that. For many just like me who grew up dreaming of becoming a writer, blogging means this dream can be a reality. Of course for…

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  • Shop Lifestyle Creative Services

    Online Store Launch: Shop Lifestyle Creative Services

    I’m pretty excited to announce the launch of our online store! A slightly unusual approach to marketing, I hear you thinking, but hear me out on this one. Unlike the majority of digital marketing, PR and design agencies, our aim is to make all our prices and services completely transparent…

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  • superfoods

    Industry News: Friday 4th March 2016

    Spring is upon us, which means one thing, summer is even closer! It’s the start of the fad diets and crazy exercises, in the attempt to shift the winter weight. This week we look into which superfoods are the best for you to help avoid a quick fix diet. We…

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  • Wine Health

    Industry News: February 26th 2016

    This week has been a great week for all you wine lovers! Research has shown that having a couple of glasses of wine promotes weight-loss and can also be a great accessory to your workouts. We also look into the luxury supermarket beauty products, at just a fraction of the cost compared…

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  • New York Fashion Week 2016

    Industry News: 20th February 2016

    It’s fashion month, making this week a busy one in the indusry. This week we waved goodbye to New York Fashion Week 2016 yesterday and London Fashion weekend is finally here! Fashion News…. As New York fashion week draws to a close, I am excited to the beginning of London…

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  • Fashion photo shoot

    On Site: The Love Smart Fashion Photo Shoot

    Towards the end of 2015, we had the pleasure of working with new fashion brand, LoveSmartFashion, and were thrilled when we were selected to help launch the brand. Working to create the branding, build the website, direct the product photography fashion photo shoot and create all the content for the…

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  • 2015…Looking Back

    It’s slightly scary to say that we are almost at the end of 2015, it’s flown by, but it’s been a truly fantastic year with some real highlights. We love working on every project we take on, including those that have really challenged us, and 2015 has been full of…

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  • Why Dry Shampoo May Not be so Great After All…

    At Eilidh MacRae Media, for several of our team members, dry shampoo has always been the ultimate lifesaver. When dry shampoo came into supermarkets, this was the ideal time saver for those who struggle to wake up in the morning. A quick spritz over the roots, and the result was…

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  • Is Aloe Vera the new super plant?

    We are all no strangers to the latest trends and super plants now available to us. They do everything from smoothing out skin, making hair soft and shiny and have an endless list of health benefits for digestion and weight loss. So is it time we said goodbye to coconut…

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  • Meet Health Goals by Becoming ‘Drink Aware’

    By Chloe Crockford Now lets be honest we all enjoy a glass of wine to end the week, or a weekly meeting with friends at a pub. It can help take a bitter week to an end with a mixture of conversation alongside a relaxing beverage But did you know…

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