• The Bizarre Beauty Treatments of 2015

      The desire to stay young and beautiful has stirred the world into undergoing bizarre beauty treatments. We have witnessed celebrities posting and sharing some of the craziest treatments in the name of beauty. From Kim Kardashians vampire facial to Alessandra Ambrosio burning her hair, how far would you go?…

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  • Top 10 Fashion News Websites

    The fashion industry has always been fast paced and constantly changing. The latest trends and styles are always adapting, with new prints, colours and cuts suited for every season being introduced constantly throughout the year. Fashion sites are a great source to find and follow the latest coverage and trends…

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  • The Health Foods That Aren’t so Healthy After All…

    By Chloe Crockford Upon embarking a new diet or making healthy changes we feel positive and ready to welcome a new healthier lifestyle. We plan our first shopping trip, skimming the isles for labels saying ‘reduced fat’ or ‘less salt’ or ‘less sugar’. But do you know that often the…

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  • 10 Health & Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

    By Chloe Crockford From teeth whitening to using as a replacement cooking oil, coconut oil is the latest beauty graze to hit the UK market. Coconut oil is the perfect essential for all of your daily beauty needs and a health booster. Wave goodbye to cabinets and cupboards full of…

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  • Cannes flat shoe ban met with outrage

    By Chloe Crockford Cannes Film Festival has welcomed an influx of outraged women this week, following allegations women wearing flat shoes were dismissed from the event. Cannes Film Festival returned for another year, putting in place a strict dress code for guests to follow. Both disappointed guests and the public…

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  • Paleo & Beyond: The Controversial Diet Trend

    Sky rocketing up the diet radar over the last few months is the paleo diet. Made popular because of its promise to reduce body fat and offering a healthy and sustainable way of living, it has also faced scrutiny recently when a paleo recipe book for baby food was found…

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  • Fermented Skin Care: The Next Big Thing in Beauty?

    Creating a bit of a buzz as of late in the beauty industry, the latest innovation to hit the market is fermented skin care. Originating from Korea, the concept involves the fermentation of naturally sourced ingredients to be used on the skin. Already key ingredients in beauty, the likes of…

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  • Trainers Stepping up in British Fashion

    Typically thrown on and laced up prior to an evening run or a Saturday squash session, up until just a few short years ago the practical trainer was worn primarily for exercise purposes, and perhaps occasionally chucked on for a quick dash down the road for a pint of milk.…

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  • Health Versus Convenience; The ongoing Battle

      When it comes to eating well along side our busy modern day lifestyles it isn’t always a walk in the park. Healthy eating takes planning, it takes discipline and it requires a lot of forward thinking. When we are on the go for large portions of our day is…

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  • Dress the Part, Play the Part; Win £250 worth of Stella McCartney ‘Activewear’

    The Stella McCartney Activewear for Adidas range hit with a bang when it launched in January 2015. The much anticipated range saw sales for the retailers lucky enough to stock it sky rocket, and so this got me thinking about the act of putting on sportswear to exercise. More than…

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  • Missguided Launch Fashion Fitness Line ‘Active’

    The online store known for their low cost and up to date fashion lines have added a fitness line to their range. With over 150 new pieces being added to the store every week, Missguided makes current and future fashion trends accessible to the masses, and naturally there was a…

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  • Packing a Punch with Protein. How Much is too Much?

    Stepping into January 2015, and I’m embarking on a new diet and exercise regime. Nothing too specific, and not anything too strict, but it does have me eating a fair amount of protein, which has got me wondering; is it possible to eat too much protein? And if so, what…

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