• Summer Breakfast Inspiration

    When the weather warms up, sometimes it’s nicer to go for a lighter option for breakfast. Here is some amazing ideas for morning meals that will make you feel great. Recipes courtesy of www.jamieoliver.com DIY oaty fruity cereal Ingredients: Porridge oats Mixed seeds, e.g. pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy Mixed nuts,…

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  • 10 Tips for Reducing Stress

    Guest post!  This week we have a guest post from London-based blogger Rebecca from Pretty & Petit. prettyandpetit.co.uk   10 Tips for Reducing Stress It’s easy for anyone to say, “Don’t be so stressed” or “Why don’t you just relax?” For me, that makes me feel one hundred times worse. Suffering…

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  • 2016 Holiday Book Guide

    It’s now June, and that means summer holidays are fast approaching! It’s all too easy to forget about summer reading and panic-buy at the airport while they’re calling out your gate number, but this year maybe it’s time to make a more informed decision. After all, there’s nothing more annoying…

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  • Best London Rooftop Bars

    With the weather getting nicer by the day, making the most of the rooftop bars in London is a must in the summer. Whether you want to sip fancy cocktails with a view or enjoy some delicious cuisine with your head (quite literally) in the clouds, these places will certainly…

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  • Top 5 Nail Art Instagrams

    Guest blog! We are featuring a guest post this week! From the lovely Jenny Boddy, blogger behind www.fashionfromafield.com. She has broken down the Top 5 Nail Art Instagrams to give us all a bit of much needed inspiration for summer. Please leave a comment and let us know your favourite…

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  • 10 Cheap Wardrobe Staples

    We are all occasionally guilty of staring into our cramped, overflowing wardrobes and claiming we have nothing to wear. Absolutely nothing. As much as this probably isn’t exactly true, not having enough go-to pieces that pair with everything is an avoidable mistake to make. It’s surprising how cheaply you can…

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  • Building Your Work Wardrobe

    (Feature image courtesy of thelifestyledepartment.com) Whether you’re fresh out of Uni or have been working for years, it’s all too easy to stare into your wardrobe and feel like you’re lacking in professional attire. Every workplace has a different guideline on what you should wear, so it’s best to check…

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  • 7 Dreamy Travel Destinations

    Have you got any exciting 2016 travel plans yet? Or perhaps you’re using the rest of the year to save for your next big trip? Choosing where to go next can be a daunting decision, so I’ve compiled 7 Dreamy Travel Destinations that are on my list of places to…

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  • A Guide to Living Mindfully

    In a world where we’re now so often lost in the screens of our laptops and smartphones, a really important thing to be aware of is the ability to open ourselves up to living mindfully. Being mindful is all about being more conscious and aware of your life and what’s…

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  • Alex Niven: Makeup Artist

    21 year old makeup artist Alex Niven grew up in a small town in Florida called Pensacola and moved to Bristol just over five years ago, where she now works as a full time makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics. She also works freelance part time doing looks for special occasions in her…

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  • Blog Love: Salt and Chic

    Blog Love: Salt and Chic We spoke with 22 year old law student, Amy Liddell, from UK fashion and lifestyle blog Salt and Chic about what made her want to start her blog and how it came to be such a success. She has written relatable posts such as ‘How…

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  • Summer Fashion: Beat British Weather

    Summer Fashion: Beat British Weather If you live in Britain, the weather is likely to be a frequent topic of conversation in your life, as it is in mine. It’s not even completely bizarre to witness multiple dramatic weather changes in one day. However much this might make creating small…

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