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Brand Naming: The 411

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Whether you’re naming your brand new fashion brand, your latest beauty product, or you’re looking to reinvent your company, there are some simple rules to follow to ensure you hit the nail on the head.

A brand name may not be quite as important as you think, its the reputation that you build behind that name that’s key, but in choosing a bad brand name you may need to work even harder to see your company succeed, so make your life a little bit easier by choosing an all singing and dancing brand name from the word go. Fighting hard to overcome a bad brand name is something nobody wants to do, so give yourself a break and make your brand name work with a bit of ease.

In an ideal world, your name will communicate what you do in one simple word or phrase, grab attention, stand out and also represent what your brand stands for, but the sound and feel of the name shouldn’t be compromised to get the message across.

Take Topshop for example, is that a great name? It seems so now, because of the strong brand that’s been built behind it, but think about it. Topshop is a shop yes, they do sell tops that’s true, but is that all they sell? Certainly not! The name could be misleading, and it doesn’t really communicate the depth of what they do, but it’s fine and it totally works.

Something to avoid doing is following brand name trends, they may pass and yet your business still stands, with the same name. For example, avoid using French words just because it’s popular to do so in your UK skin care brand, it makes no sense and will only cause confusion.

Also keep in mind the fact that everything is based online now, a memorable, yet easy to spell brand name is the way forward, if you don’t want people to get frustrated at misspelling the name and give up on trying to find your website.

Another no go is making up words or purposely misspelling words, people will assume you’ve made a mistake and at worst decide to steer well clear of your brand, assuming your brand name won’t be the last of the mistakes.

Finally, don’t forget to have a bit of fun with your brand name, it should be an enjoyable process choosing what suits what you do best. Remember you have to really love it, as it’s your brand and you’ve got to be passionate about it for the foreseeable future, so name it something you feel proud of and that truly represents what you do.

If you’re struggling to name your brand, we can offer a helping hand. Get in touch:

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