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Brand Love: The Body Coach

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It was inevitable that at some stage The Body Coach was going to come up as my brand love. What Joe Wicks has achieved in what is actually a very short space of time is incredible, and it’s certainly necessary to take a moment to applaud that.

Starting out as a personal trainer in London, Joe has since transformed the lives of 50,000 people. How does one man do that I hear you ask? With an incredibly smart business plan, and a unique approach to the diet and fitness industry.

The Brand…

Joe states that he ‘was sick and tired’ of seeing people struggling on low calorie diets, and was shocked at the state of the diet industry. Somehow eating next to nothing, consuming high sugar low fat diet bars and shakes of little nutritional value had become the norm if you wanted to lose weight.

Enter The Body Coach, who created a plan that meant you could eat decent amounts, eat nutritionally rich food, and see results. With so many diet and exercise plans launching every year, what made The Body Coach stand out?

First of all, Joe had an impressive approach to social media, gaining mind blowingly huge amounts of followers across his social platforms. Today, barely a minute goes by without someone tweeting The Body Coach, and a new follower joining the brigade. Joe shares, re-tweets and comments on loads of the posts from his followers, which his fans love as it means they have genuine interaction with The Body Coach himself, encouraging more and more people to connect with him- something a lot of brands miss out on.

He shares progress photos, applauds those who knock up one of his #leanin15 meals, retweets those who try to replicate his amusing recipe videos. He’s really locked on to the opportunities social media can create and got his strategy spot on, creating his own popular hashtag, regularly sharing video content with helpful and easy to replicate recipes which get shared over and over again.

The main reason I believe to be behind the success of the brand, is the personable approach. Joe is the face of the brand, and all that he is is injected into it, creating a strong personality and tone across everything that adds up to make the brand what it is.

Offering easy to follow diet and exercise plans that deliver results, on a daily basis Joe’s plans are raved about, with progress photos being shared left, right and centre.

With a cookery book out, being regularly featured in mainstream press, and having a huge following of fans that swear by his plans, Joe Wicks has achieved something quite magical, that many brands could learn from.


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