• Fashion Month Kicks Off with New York Fashion Week

    We are in the midst of September , and that can only mean one thing, fashion month is here! Kick starting the month is the New York Fashion week, running from the 10th-17th September. Fashion month then heads over to London for a full 5 days of fashion action from…

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  • Is Aloe Vera the new super plant?

    We are all no strangers to the latest trends and super plants now available to us. They do everything from smoothing out skin, making hair soft and shiny and have an endless list of health benefits for digestion and weight loss. So is it time we said goodbye to coconut…

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  • How to Achieve Bohemian Chic Style For Autumn/Winter

    Bohemian Chic is for sure going to be the on trend hit this Autumn. Even throughout Spring and Summer, the Boho style has been apparent. With tassels and suede featured on various styles of clothing, it is a style that is not going anywhere anytime soon. With festival season almost…

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  • The Bizarre Beauty Treatments of 2015

      The desire to stay young and beautiful has stirred the world into undergoing bizarre beauty treatments. We have witnessed celebrities posting and sharing some of the craziest treatments in the name of beauty. From Kim Kardashians vampire facial to Alessandra Ambrosio burning her hair, how far would you go?…

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  • Top 10 Fashion News Websites

    The fashion industry has always been fast paced and constantly changing. The latest trends and styles are always adapting, with new prints, colours and cuts suited for every season being introduced constantly throughout the year. Fashion sites are a great source to find and follow the latest coverage and trends…

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  • The Health Foods That Aren’t so Healthy After All…

    By Chloe Crockford Upon embarking a new diet or making healthy changes we feel positive and ready to welcome a new healthier lifestyle. We plan our first shopping trip, skimming the isles for labels saying ‘reduced fat’ or ‘less salt’ or ‘less sugar’. But do you know that often the…

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  • Meet Health Goals by Becoming ‘Drink Aware’

    By Chloe Crockford Now lets be honest we all enjoy a glass of wine to end the week, or a weekly meeting with friends at a pub. It can help take a bitter week to an end with a mixture of conversation alongside a relaxing beverage But did you know…

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  • 10 Health & Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

    By Chloe Crockford From teeth whitening to using as a replacement cooking oil, coconut oil is the latest beauty graze to hit the UK market. Coconut oil is the perfect essential for all of your daily beauty needs and a health booster. Wave goodbye to cabinets and cupboards full of…

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  • Argan Oil: A miracle beauty product or an environmental danger?

    By Chloe Crockford Argan oil is becoming an increasingly popular beauty product on the market. Argan oil has plenty of benefits including soothing dry skin, making hair softer, can be used as a nutritious cooking oil and also an aid in joint pain. With all these added benefits argan oil…

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  • Cannes flat shoe ban met with outrage

    By Chloe Crockford Cannes Film Festival has welcomed an influx of outraged women this week, following allegations women wearing flat shoes were dismissed from the event. Cannes Film Festival returned for another year, putting in place a strict dress code for guests to follow. Both disappointed guests and the public…

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  • Dangerous Counterfeit Make-up Products Flooding into the UK

    By Chloe Crockford City of London police have launched a campaign to tackle an estimated 90m industry selling counterfeit make-up, containing dangerous levels of lead, mercury and cyanide. The ‘Wake up don’t fake up’ campaign aims to inform consumers about the dangers and hazards involved with buying the fake goods.…

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  • Content Marketing: There’s no ‘One Size Fits All’

    When it comes to content marketing, at Eilidh MacRae Media we are certain of many things, but one thing in particular is that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all.’ Unlike many other services, content marketing isn’t something that should be applied in one way, no matter…

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