My Blog Writing & Blog Management Packages Explained

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In the interest of providing you with as much information as possible so that you can make the best decision for your business, I have decided to write a detailed post regarding my blog packages. You can already discover the details via the individual blog writing and blog management product pages. Sometimes it’s just nice to read a little more in-depth before you make a decision though. This way you can find out more about the benefits that each package provides. As well as discover how each service can help your business grow.

If you’re interested in super-charging your content marketing efforts then you are in the right place. Blogging is a proven way to build your audience. It’s actually one of the most important elements when it comes to digital content marketing. If your competitors are blogging, can you afford not to? Read on to find out how regularly updating your on-site blog could mean more traffic, more sales, and more enquiries. Discover whether blog writing or blog management might be right for you here…

On-site Blog Benefits…

Blog Writing Services

In having an on-site blog and using it in the right way you can build your business online. Having a beautifully designed website is all well and good (and also very important) but if nobody is finding it, it may as well not be there at all. A well managed on-site blog can dramatically increase the visibility of your website. It can be used to achieve a number of things…

Millions of businesses around the world find that an on-site blog is most effective when it comes to increasing search engine rankings. A regularly updated blog keeps Google happy, which can help boost search engine results. Most effective of all though is a strategic on-site blog. This means a strategy that uses all of the latest approaches to creating content that both Google and the user loves.

In creating blog content that’s in demand, optimised for search, attractive and engaging, you can create all of the signs that Google loves. This includes a high click-through rate, a long dwell time, social shares, in-depth and long-form content. Not forgetting on-trend content that users are actively searching for too. 

An on-site blog also provides another layer to your offering to your clients and customers. Just like I write about content marketing, blogging, and social media marketing, you too can widen your audience. This gives users another reason to visit your website. In providing helpful, interesting and unique content you encourage the building of loyal customers. These customers return to your website again and again to read your latest advice. Then in-turn they become brand advocates and paying customers.

Finally, if you sell products online or you sell a service, you can’t keep directing traffic through your social media via the same pages again and again. Even if new products have recently landed, pushing your products on social media can sometimes be a bit of a turnoff. If you do this too much, it’s likely you will find yourself losing followers rather than gaining them.

Social media marketing should never be completely self-promotional. I always advise following the 20/80 rule. Every now and then you want to push traffic through to your site and remind your audience of what it is that you do. In regularly updating your on-site blog you give your audience a reason to click through to your site. You generate new ways in which you can promote your website to your social following, without posting the same content over and over.

All of this results in more eyes on your website. More enquires. More sales. What’s not to love?

Blog Management & Blog Writing – What’s the difference?

Blog Writing

I offer two packages when it comes to blog marketing. These provide you with a variety of options to suit your budget. In addition, the two options allow you to decide whether you want to have your on-site blog completely looked after so that you don’t have to worry about it. Or whether you would like to remain in control.

My blog writing package is the most cost-effective option. This allows you to outsource blog content and your blog strategy, but at a reduced price. With my blog writing package, I don’t upload your posts for you or source images. This means that you will receive your blog content, including your SEO data such as your focus keyword, meta description and title tag, all ready to upload from a word doc. All you have to do is copy and paste the content. Then input the SEO data, add your images and schedule the posts.

This option is lower in cost than my blog management packages. This is simply because I need to allocate less time per blog post. You can build a package that’s right for your needs and your budget. Choose from 600, 1,000 and 2,000 word post options. As well as choosing the number of posts you require per month – from  4 to 12. 

If you opt for blog management I take care of everything for you. Many business owners prefer this option as one of your many tasks can be taken completely off of your hands.

Blog Management – What’s Included

Blog Marketing

My blog management package allows you to build your own package to suit your budget. There are various different price options. You can choose from shorter blog posts of 600 words or 1,000 words, or long-form posts at 2,000 words per post. You can also choose how frequently to publish posts each month. My the smaller packages start at 4 posts per month (one per week) going up to 12 posts per month (three per week).

The package includes: a content calendar, keyword and content trend research and fully optimised blog posts written by an award-winning copywriter. All content uses the latest search engine marketing methods to deliver the best possible results. The posts are then uploaded to your website, edited to boost SEO and readability. Finally the posts will be scheduled with beautiful and on-brand images included.

In choosing the blog management package, you can get your website working harder. With everything taken care of, you can confident in the fact that your on-site blog is being looked after completely.

Blog Content – What’s Included

Blog Marketing

Whether your budget is tight or you want to remain in control of your blog posts, my blog writing package might be your perfect option. This package allows you to purchase unique blog content every month. Which is designed specifically to drive more traffic to your website via search engines and social media.

The package includes: a content calendar, content trend and keyword research, blog posts written by an award-winning copywriter. As well as all of the SEO data that you need to ensure that each blog post is properly optimised.


You have the option to super-charge your packages with add-on services. Choose from social media promo posts and email newsletter promotions to drive more traffic through to your blog.

These additional services can be helpful as they provide extra content to share with your audience. They also ensure that you make the most out of each unique blog post. In addition, pushing each blog post that little bit harder can help to enhance the SEO effects too. When Google sees that a post is receiving high levels of traffic, a long dwell time and lots of social shares, it will bump that result up the search engine results because it sees that it is popular.

If you choose to add on social promo posts, you will receive two unique posts created for up to three social platforms to promote your blog posts to your audience. In choosing the email newsletter add-on, I will design and send out a weekly email newsletter to promote your blog content to your mailing list. Both of these options ensure that your audience never miss out on your latest posts.

Getting Started…

All of my packages are available to buy online. Simply make your selection when it comes to word count, blog post frequency and add-on options. Then add to your shopping basket and check out.

After you’ve placed your order I will be in touch within two working days. This provides an opportunity to find out if there’s anything you want to focus on for the month ahead. Or to find out if there’s anything in particular that you want to achieve. Alternatively, you can always add this info to the notes on your order or send me an email directly (eilidh@emmedia) to get things moving a little bit faster.

Once we have established your aims for the month, I will then create a content calendar. This is where we outline the content strategy for the month ahead. This is typically in accordance to your aims and anything in particular that you would like to cover. The content calendar is created from keyword research and content trend research, in order to achieve the best results.

This will be sent via email, and you simply need to sign off so that I can start creating your content. If you have selected my blog writing package, you will receive all of your content via email in a word doc. Once you have received the document, if you would like any edits to be made simply send them back via email. I would be happy to make any necessary changes.

If you have chosen blog management, you will receive all of your content to check before it is published. As ever I’m always happy to make any necessary changes if requested.

In simple terms, both packages are delivered in a few easy steps:

1. Choose your package and place your order

2. Outline any goals or focus areas for the month (if you have them)

3. Receive your content calendar and sign off

4. Receive your blog content and sign off before any posts are published.

Of course you can have as much or as little involvement in the process as you like. Should you choose to, you can leave everything in my hands. You can even cut out the steps of checking and approving the content calendar and the blog posts.

Benefits of my blog content and blog management packages…

Blog Content

Unlike working with an agency, in choosing my packages to supercharge your on-site blog you won’t be tied into a contract or be paying for undefined services. With my packages you can purchase online and get a clear outline of exactly what you will receive. As well as how you will receive it.

Each package provides a months worth of blog content or blog management with transparent pricing. For best results, consistency is key when it comes to successful blog marketing. Posting regularly is a must. That being said, my packages do allow you to purchase additional content marketing support as and when you need. Whether that be every month or every now and then when you need cover or have a product launch coming up. However, if you do intend to push forward with your blog marketing for the long term, get in touch as I can offer discounts on commitments for three months or more.

In addition, you’ll know exactly where your content is coming from, or who’s creating it to be more to the point. I’m an award-winning copywriter and digital marketing expert. I’ve been running and growing my own business for almost five years using the same tried and tested methods. I have a BA Hons (2.1) in Creative and Media Writing. I’ve worked as an editor for magazines for five years. As well as  working I for an agency in digital marketing before setting up my own brand.

I’m passionate about growing businesses and brands through content marketing. It’s my love for the power that blogging can have when it comes to growing a digital brand that makes me so good at what I do. You just can’t beat it.

Whether you’re yet to start blogging, or your on-site blog gets neglected, I can help you make the most of this powerful tool. All businesses have the opportunity to harness the powers that an on-site blog can provide. You just have to know how, or hire someone that walks the walk.

By now you should have a full understanding of how my blog content and blog management packages can help your business bloom. Ready to get started? Click here…

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