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Get your website working harder, with expertly crafted content that delivers. Increase your website traffic, search rankings and audience – I can help you increase brand awareness and in turn increase sales, bookings and enquires – with my blog management services.

I put your website in front of the right people, by creating strategic blog content that takes your website to the next level. In choosing blog management, your on-site blog is completely taken care of, you can just sit back and watch your website traffic increase each week.

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The details…

Every brand or business should have an on-site blog – if you don’t you could be missing a trick. Content is at the core of digital marketing. Imagine your website without content, or your social media without regular posts, the results wouldn’t be great right? Great content is key to your success, from your website content to your social media. What many businesses seem to overlook though is their on-site blog, and just how powerful it can be when it comes to growing your brand online.

My blog management package makes creating and managing a successful on-site blog simple. I take care of everything for you, and you’ll quickly start to see the benefits that an on-site blog can provide…

My blog management packages are available to order online and provide everything you need to supercharge your content marketing efforts. Each package includes:

– Expertly crafted blog posts written by an award-winning copywriter – choose from 600,1,000 and 2,000 words per post, and 4-12 posts per month
– SEO keyword research and content trend research – each post is created using the latest and most effective methods to generate high levels of relevant traffic. I create content that your audience are looking for, using trending topics and trending search terms
– Posts uploaded, optimised and published on your site – I upload all of your content for you, scheduling each post to go live at an optimum time, as well as adding all of the essential data to ensure the post performs
– On-brand images – I also source and add on-brand images to each post, formatting the content to make it attractive and engaging, to prompt the desired response from the user.

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In order to generate the best results when it comes to blog marketing the key is consistency. This is why I offer a 20% discount when ordering three months of blog management or more.

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The results…

If you’ve dabbled with blogging before you probably noticed a little spike in your website traffic. Publishing a post here or there can help, and it sure is better than nothing, but consistency really is key when it comes to supercharging traffic using blog marketing.

We’ve know for a long time that Google loves content, but they don’t love any old content, they love high quality, in-depth, clear and concise content. Why do Google love content? Here’s why…

-It shows them that you’ve actively contributing to the web and you’re giving something back to the user

-It also provides them with a clear picture of what you do

-Finally, if you get your content spot on and your blog post becomes really popular, it tells Google that people love what you are doing, and that you should be higher up on their search engine results so that more people can access your amazing content.

Sounds pretty good right?

All of the above is possible, and in creating content that both the user and Google loves you can climb the search engine results and see your traffic increase, and in turn your sales too. However, this is only achievable through being consistent and strategic – you need to publish content regularly, and you need to create blog posts that deliver results.

When things get busy writing killer blog content can be pushed to the side, and before you know it your on-site blog hasn’t been updated in three months. This is where I come in, creating strategic blog content with my blog management service.

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