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sarahWe spoke with 23 year old Sarah from The Exclusive Factory, who explains “I’m half English and half French, and have been living back and forth in between Monaco/Nice (France) and London.”
“I founded The Exclusive Factory because I want to create a community to help people understand that dreams are achievable; as long as you work hard for it and that you make it your number one priority! I want this community to be inspiring & uplifting, where people can help each other out. In today’s society, I think it’s really hard to be a woman; and I really would love women and mostly young women to understand that there’s no need to put others down, we should be kind and supportive from one another, not competitive all of the time!”
1. What made you want to start blogging via Instagram? 
I’ve always been interested in social media and I loved how it allows you to communicate with the entire world. I think it’s a great way to put your creativity out there! I decided to start blogging via Instagram first to see what was already online but also to prepare me to creating future content for other social platform such as Youtube.
2. Which other blogs/Instagrams do you love/draw inspiration from?
I definitely go on Instagram to find inspiration and there’s a few accounts on there that just lift me up! I’d say @randomactsofpastel from Alyssa Garrison, @theemasphere from Emma Spencer, @themansionspantry from Kate. And blogging wise, I’ll definitely say Mimi and Alex Ikonn! They’re so inspiring!
3. How long have you been using Instagram?
I’ve been using Instagram for 3 months!
4. You have 1.5k followers on Instagram, what tips would you give other bloggers for increasing their following and creating a good account?
I actually can’t believe it myself! It takes a lot of work; if you post bad content you’ll see it right away. My tips would be to keep the feed clean, fresh & tidy!
5. What advice would you give someone starting Instagram from scratch?
I’d say, do not worry, it definitely takes some time and effort. In my opinionChrissy Teigen in yellow dress 2014, if you want something to work, you have to work hard for it. Start off with no more than 3 categories and see what you audience prefer the most! Focus on creating good content, posting regularly and never taking the followers for granted!
6. Who are your celebrity style crushes?
Chrissy Teigen, I mean, I think everyone agrees on this one!
7. How often do you post?
I post 3 times a day on week days and I try to post 4 to 5 times at weekends!
8. What are your plans for 2016? /Do you have any goals for your Instagram account?
2016 is going to be a big year for me! I’m definitely putting my Instagram & Youtube at the centre this year! I’m working a few days a week on that. I also want my Website design for bloggers company to grow!
Find Sarah on Instagram: @theexclusivefactory 
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