Blog Love: Breakfast at Vogue

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As I’m sure you’ll already be well aware, I’m a big lover of blogs, and of course fashion blogs, beauty, health and fitness in particular. They help me keep up to date with the industry, and alongside this help me better understand what the consumer of the time really wants.

In the first of our new feature ‘Blog Love,’ I sit down with New York based blogger Courtney, owner of Breakfast at Vogue, to talk blogging, fashion, beauty, New York and inspiration…

Breakfast at Vogue

Hi Courtney, thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat. Firstly can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

So, I’m from a smaller town in Northern California called Petaluma, it’s about 40 minutes north of San Francisco. But, right now I’m living in New York to go to school! I just started at The New School Eugene Lang and I’m majoring in Culture and Media. So as of now I’m focusing on school and work, and blogging of course.

Nice! What made you start blogging?

It’s funny because when I was in high school, a friend and myself started a little fashion blog and it didn’t really go anywhere and we eventually stopped and then I made my own. I was really serious about it for a few months, then I lost inspiration and stopped. I then recently started Breakfast at Vogue back up almost a year ago, and I really think that thirds time the charm! I just loved reading other blogs and thought it would be fun to have my own place on the internet to show people my personal style and what inspires me.

You have lots of gorgeous recipes on your blog, where do you get your inspiration from and what’s your favourite thing to bake?


Brown Sugar + Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Thank you! I love Pinterest so much, that is basically where I find all my recipes. But I also really enjoy reading blogs like Minimalist Baker and The Kitchy Kitchen! I really love baking cookies mostly. My boyfriends loves cookies, so he bugs me to bake them. But it’s okay, because I can then just blog about it now!

I love your braid styles, can you describe your style?

Thank you! My style, as far as beauty goes, is kind of a ‘disheveled classic’ look. I love going for more classic looks, but then messing them up a bit. I usually always go for a messy braid look, just because I think it looks more realistic. I don’t really like when something looks a little too perfect, it can be a little unnerving. I love a good beauty wave with a braid that has been pulled out, it is definitely my go-to hair look.


Easy Half-Up Braided Up Do


Is fashion something you’ve always been interested in?

Yes! My mom used to let me dress myself when I was younger, so I think that might of been where it stemmed from. I’ve always loved clothes and playing dress up. I definitely feel like my love for fashion has grown as I’ve gotten older.


That’s sweet. What’s your favourite thing to write about?

Recently, I’ve really liked writing about beauty, especially hair. But honestly, I love writing as a whole so I could really write about anything!


Any tips to aspiring bloggers?


Fall In Manhattan


I really feel like I’m still an aspiring blogger, but my biggest tip I think is to work hard! Blogging is a full time job, whether you’re getting paid or not. If it is something you really want, then there might be some nights when you don’t go to bed until 2 a.m.


What do you think makes you stand out from other bloggers? Is there a specific approach you take that might be a little bit different?

I know that everyone says this, but I really do think it’s important to be yourself, and post about topics you really like. I feel like people can really tell if you aren’t passionate about something. I also try to have my own style, like when it comes to photography and how I set up my posts. I love getting inspiration, but I never really try and copy someones style too much, no matter how much I like them!


You live in New York, can you tell our readers about any hot spots to visit? Favorite restaurants, bars etc.


5 Tips For Looking More Put Together

I’ve only been here for about 2 months, which is crazy, so I don’t know a whole lot yet. However, I’m a total foodie, so I love to eat out. So far, this one sandwich place is really good called Cheeky’s. They have really good biscuit sandwiches! Also, Murray’s bagels is really good for a classic New York style bagel. Also places like Dough, The Doughnutplant, Levain Bakery and Magnolia Bakery are some of my fav places to get sweets! I love trying new places to eat too, so if anyone ever wants to know of a place to eat or go, feel free to shoot me an email!!


Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?

I really love to blog, it is something that I can see myself doing for a long time. I hope that in the future I can grow my blog more and the main goal is to be able to make a living off of what I do, but that would be a stretch, so fingers crossed!

Thank you to Courtney for taking the time to chat, read her latest posts over at:

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