Beauty Focus: Halloween Make-up

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With just a few days to go until Halloween, our thoughts are turned to Halloween make-up. A great excuse to get creative and experiment, Halloween is a truly fantastic opportunity to create unusual and impressive looks, using a multitude of methods, products and tools.

The internet and social media platforms are ideal to gather inspiration from, and there are some truly spectacular examples of what can be done with make-up for Halloween out there. We’ve selected our favourite looks for Halloween in 2015…

Pretty Powerful…

Halloween doesn’t have to mean uneasy on the eye. A popular trend to emerge is the half and half look, with an area of the face made up to look creepy and the other half prettified making the look a little more appealing.

Halloween 1

We love this first look published by Popsugar, but originally taken from Instagram user Kaylahagey. Read more here.

Buzzfeed have put together a really helpful round up of ideas that are pretty simple to recreate, we love the pretty lace face paint. It may not be all that scary, but Halloween is all about being creative and creating something unique. Check out the post here.

Halloween 2

Another great half and half look is the skull, which is pretty simple to do and really effective. Have a look at this make-up look created by YouTube vlogger Roxxsaurus here.


Convincingly Creepy…

If you’re looking for something a little more shocking when it comes to the spook factor, there are loads of looks to choose from.

Queen of the make-up tutorials, Lisa Eldridge has put together several tutorials to create some really high impact looks, but they’re not for the faint hearted. You can check out her amazing ideas here.


Finally, we love this collection here, which contains loads of ideas for creepy looks, including this insane ripped flesh look, which is sure to turn a few heads.


Halloween can be a night to have a lot of fun with, and make-up plays a big part to achieve impressive and creative looks. Happy Halloween!

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