• A Guide to Living Mindfully

    In a world where we’re now so often lost in the screens of our laptops and smartphones, a really important thing to be aware of is the ability to open ourselves up to living mindfully. Being mindful is all about being more conscious and aware of your life and what’s…

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  • Alex Niven: Makeup Artist

    21 year old makeup artist Alex Niven grew up in a small town in Florida called Pensacola and moved to Bristol just over five years ago, where she now works as a full time makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics. She also works freelance part time doing looks for special occasions in her…

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  • Blogger Management

    Our Blogger Management Services: now Live!

    I’m pleased to announce that our blogger management services are now live and available to shop online. Now providing our services to both lifestyle brands and bloggers, we have created packages specifically for lifestyle bloggers. Grow your blog… Today becoming a blogger and making blogging your career is possible, but…

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  • Blog Love: Salt and Chic

    Blog Love: Salt and Chic We spoke with 22 year old law student, Amy Liddell, from UK fashion and lifestyle blog Salt and Chic about what made her want to start her blog and how it came to be such a success. She has written relatable posts such as ‘How…

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  • Summer Fashion: Beat British Weather

    Summer Fashion: Beat British Weather If you live in Britain, the weather is likely to be a frequent topic of conversation in your life, as it is in mine. It’s not even completely bizarre to witness multiple dramatic weather changes in one day. However much this might make creating small…

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  • Top 10 Blogging Tips to Grow Readership

    Those of you who keep up to date with us will have probably realised, we love blogging. On a typical week, we will publish a minimum of five posts, which obviously takes a fair bit of commitment and time, not to mention creativity. I’ve always been massively pro creating lots…

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  • Top 10 Fashion iPhone Cases

      I was looking online the other day for a new iPhone case and I realised that most of the articles I could find seemed to feature very plain, practical, slightly boring iPhone cases when I was looking for something a bit more interesting. It’s something you have to look…

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  • Top 5 Summer Mocktail Recipes

    Top 5 Summer Mocktail Recipes The sun is finally starting to come out making it the perfect time of year to try out these summer mocktail recipes. Perfect for having over your lunch at work to avoid getting foggy headed in the afternoon, or in the evening on the terrace…

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  • Twitter Competition

    New Weekly Twitter Competition

    New Weekly Twitter Competition: As you may have seen on Twitter, we’re launching a new Monday morning competition. This week it’s for lifestyle brands! We’ll be doing a different one every Monday morning at 9am using the hashtag #EMMComp, with prizes such as free blog posts for your brand, or…

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  • male skincare

    The Rise of Male Skincare Products

    Trying to converse with your partner about the latest miracle anti-ageing cream is often similar to speaking to a brick wall. A foreign language to most men, a daily skincare routine is non-existent in their everyday schedule. However, for some men, the odd pamper night in, filled with facials and…

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  • Desk productivity

    10 Tips for a Productive Desk Space

    If you work in an office, the chances are you will spend at least five hours a day on average sat at your desk. Working hard no doubt, but still sitting down in the same area. If up to a quarter of your day is spent in one place, it’s…

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  • Olivia Tripp Bristol Doors

    Blog Love: Bristol Doors

    Olivia Tripp, 21 year old Bristol blogger, didn’t realise how positive the response would be for her @bristoldoors Instagram account in the Bristol community. What began as a fun idea to express her love for the city, has now developed into an online blog that looks at the people who…

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